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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

ROBERT BUCKHANNON'S GOLDSTAR LABORATORIES: Coming Soon To A Town Near You? Battle Creek's "Crooked Chiropractor" Secretly Forms A Growing Clinical Testing Lab Chain While Under Federal Indictment Relating To $34 Million Dollar Hedge Fund Fraud; Front Man, Zia Shlaimoun, Facing Multiple Civil Fraud Lawsuits In California. In 2014, Shlaimoun Paid $4.5 Million To Settle Investment Swindle Lawsuit With Canadian Company Mining Technologies International, Inc. Final Installment Of An Exclusive Three-Part Series!

Part 3 of Miss Fortune's exclusive exposé. (Missed Parts 1 and 2? Read Part 1 and Part 2.)

Should Robert Buckhannon's bond be revoked? 

Will he be sent to jail to await his federal trial?

While Zia "Zy" Shlaimoun is the public face of Goldstar, is silent partner Robert Buckhannon really the one in charge of Goldstar Laboratories' corporate bank accounts?

How many potential investors may already be on the hook?

And just what is Florida's "Phoenician Medical LLC"?  


Back in December 2015, an outfit purportedly operating under the name 'MyLab Diagnostics LLC' sent an email to St. Louis area representatives owed commissions by the lab's previous manager:

“December 17, 2015 

Most of you are aware that in November MyLab Diagnostics LLC was suspended from Medicare payments and was determined to have received an overpayment of $549,810.46. 

Through its lawyers, MyLab has responded to this determination and put into action corrective measures to ensure the company complies with all Medicare program requirements going forward. 

Further, on December 7, 2015 GoldStar Missouri purchased MyLab Diagnostics LLC. MyLab continues to process non-Medicare samples and to bill Commercial and Medicaid Payors.” 

Although I've contacted various Medicaid/Medicare sources, I have been unable to verify the overpayment claim made in the December 17, 2015 email.

Robert Buckhannon's involvement with the lab was initially hidden from the St. Louis lab community until a local source reported exclusively to Miss Fortune that the owners were “a crooked chiropractor from Las Vegas and a sleaze ball from Malibu”. The tipster was able to put the pieces together after receiving Shlaimoun's contact information (at left).

With that information, I began my investigation into Goldstar Laboratories and discovered a direct link to John Rittenour, the CEO of Clinical Testing Corp, LLC.

Rittenour, whose company was profiled almost exactly one year ago on this blog in a July 21, 2015 post titled Liquid Gold...Or A Fake Job?, wrote a letter (rife with misspelled words) in support of Buckhannon's request to modify the terms of his bond:

“Dr. Buckhannon is my company’s Executive Vice President of New Business Development. As such, he is responsible for Education and Sales training of our national network of Account Executives. He is also responsible for the implantation of laboratory services in clinics and medical facilities nationally. Dr. Buckhannon also negotiates, facilitates and implements the utilization of multiple reference labs around the company so that we can provide the best patient care and customer service to our referring physicians and their patients.”

Rittenour's June 23, 2015 letter successfully convinced the feds Buckhannon's job was legit, and his bond was modified to allow him to travel throughout the lower 48 states and Hawaii in search of business for Rittenour's Clinical Testing Corp.

But by June 23, 2015, Robert Buckhannon had already begun creating his own series of business entities, including a Nevada corporation (Regent Health Systems LLC) formed with Justin Covillon, then a Clinical Testing Corp employee.


Zia Shlaimoun's (now calling himself 'Zy', like that's going to fool anyone!) and Robert Buckhannon's business and personal histories go back many years. (Buckhannon is also the subject of an ongoing arson investigation relating to a suspicious December 30, 2013 fire that destroyed Battle Creek's On Deck Sports Bar & Grill, owned by Buckhannon and business partner Kelly DeMoss.)

On April 1, 2009, Robert Buckhannon, then CEO of Vestium Management Group and managing member of Arcanum Equity Fund (AEF), wired $20,000 out of an AEF account to Infina Fund Ltd. 

However, less than six weeks before, (on February 24, 2009), Buckhannon had sent an email to the other managing members, Terry Rawstern, Dale St. Jean and Gregory Tindall, telling them that pending investor redemption requests “can be strung out for a bit” while they pursued other investment opportunities. 

According to court documents, Buckhannon wired an additional $200,000 to Infina Fund on June 30, 2009. On August 18, 2009, Buckhannon sent a letter to his hedge fund investors explaining the funds lacked the necessary capital to pay investor redemptions. 

When questioned in November 2009 by the funds’ controller regarding the existence of an agreement authorizing or explaining the purpose for the disbursements, Buckhannon explained that Infina Fund’s sole principal, Zia P. Shlaimoun, was the “cousin of his fiancé Marlena Michaels.” 

But as Miss Fortune revealed in a March 10, 2014 post titled "Serial Monogamy in the Cereal City", Buckhannon wasn’t being entirely truthful— Buckhannon and Michaels had actually married in Las Vegas on May 15, 2009. 

Buckhannon initially told the controller to classify the $220,000 payments to Infina Fund as “expenses related the AEF’s August 2009 investment in Shea Mining & Milling.” However, in March 2010, the controller stated that Buckhannon told him to reclassify the expenses as “legal expenses for AEF”. 

When the controller questioned that classification, Buckhannon instructed him to reclassify the Infina Fund payments as “investment management expenses”. 

Between March 2008-June 2011, Buckhannon billed himself as the Director of New Business Development for Itanics, Inc., a Los Angeles-based company owned by Shlaimoun. Buckhannon claimed his duties included "expanding business lines".

In fact, Buckhannon's December 3, 2011 Battle Creek chiropractic clinic open house was sponsored by 'ViddyMe', an app developed by Itanics.

Sound familiar, eh?


On July 20, 2015, a new venture, Goldstar Laboratories, was formed as a Delaware corporation. 

Between October 29, 2015-February 6, 2016, six more "Goldstar" entities were formed: Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Dayton and Texas. 

Of the six, three already have National Provider Identifier (NPI) numbers. The NPI is a unique identification number for covered health care providers. 

And yes, the three entities with NPI numbers (Florida, Ohio and Missouri) are all officially linked to owner Zy Shlaimoun.

The new venture has a direct link back to Buckhannon's former boss, Kansas City, Missouri resident John Rittenour.   

According to an email from a Nevada Health Department official (who asked not to be named), Rittenour "purchased both a collection site called Lab Express, which then purchased Synergy Laboratory". Running the labs under entity "MyLab Diagnostics LLC", Rittenour shares a mailing address (448 Sovereign Court, Ballwin, MO) with Shlaimoun's Goldstar Laboratories Missouri LLC.

And as you can see below, MyLab is one of five "reference labs" Buckhannon and Shlaimoun have enlisted to provide testing services to GoldStar Laboratories as it continues to grow.
And what about Robert Buckhannon's "job" with John Rittenour's Clinical Testing Corp?

It appears that company's website has gone dark, replaced instead with another Rittenour venture, Clinical Testing Group.

But although Rittenour's CTG has load of new brochures and enrollment forms, the Nevada corporation's status slipped into "default" last month.

Wonder how closely the feds are watching Buckhannon?

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