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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hen house, Meet Mr. Fox? (Searching for the "Senior Resource Alliance of Northern Michigan")

Fred L. Goldenberg, owner, Senior Benefit Solutions of Traverse City

Fred Goldenberg, who writes a monthly "Scam Watch" column for the Record-Eagle, touts the fact that he's a founder of the "Senior Resource Alliance of Northern Michigan".

Funny, we can't find anyone else who's a member, or anyone in the Traverse City senior services community who's part of the group.

But Fred, who often speaks to senior groups, is an insurance agent who specializes in annuities and other "estate conservation" programs.

Here's what Fred says on his Senior Benefit Solutions web site:

We look for the freshest annuity concepts that provide flexibility and liquidity never heard of before in an annuity product. We understand the complexities of unlocking the equity in your home to finance your retirement and how best to free up that cash so you feel confident that you’ve made the best decision.

So, let me explain--Fred wants to lock you into an annuity, or he wants to help you get a so-called "reverse mortgage". 

Although he claims on his web site to have "been in the financial services industry for over 30 years", Fred is not a stock broker or an investment adviser--he is a been a licensed "Resident Producer" insurance agent since 1975.

You might want to pay close attention to the next "Scam Watch" column--it might be an autobiography!

BELLAIRE, MI 49615-0535
Current Status
License Type
Status Date
Resident Producer Active 07/30/2002

Historical Data for this License Type
Begin Date
End Date
Active 07/30/2002
Inactive 04/19/1996 07/29/2002
Suspended for Education 08/01/1995 04/18/1996
Active 08/21/1975 07/31/1995

Monday, January 7, 2013

Live! with Michael Reese

A variable annuity is a popular product for investing retirement income. However, thousands of similar looking
variable annuity products are being offered by hundreds of financial service companies. How can a sales representative achieve meaningful product differentiation to increase the sales of his variable annuities?

By identifying key constructs that influence retirement investment decisions...and using them in his sales pitch! And you can watch the wamma-jamma happen in person on January 22 at the Grand Traverse Resort.

"They buy based upon emotions! Emotions of fear, anger and greed."

Initial Set of Emotions

Establish Construct Validity (sales pitch)

Final Set of Emotions

(Obsessiveness + Complacency)

Live! with Michael Reese
 (Retiring Well with Michael Reese-Grand Traverse Resort)

Here's the pitch:

You and up to one guest (don't want a pack of biddies, just a couple timid old ladies) are warmly invested (this is not a typo-it actually appears like this on Reese's web site) to attend a  Complimentary Group Discussion in Traverse City, Michigan with TV show host, Michael Reese of “Retiring Well,” to provide information and education about different ways you can achieve your financial goals.

This event is by invitation only. (Except that everyone can find the link online.) Please guarantee your reservation today by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

Leave Your Checkbook at Home, This is a Conversation, Not a Sales Pitch (Really? I was born at night, but not last night!)
Protecting and Enhancing Your Retirement Security in Turbulent Times (Here comes the emotional/fear portion of our show, ladies and ladies)

Are you positioned to enjoy financial security, regardless of market or economic conditions?

Critical topics to be covered:
  • How you can “WIN” with your retirement no matter what the folks in Washington try to do.
  • The five core areas of planning that you MUST address, especially in these economic times.
  • How to protect your retirement plan values while the government tries to get a bigger cut.
PlusŠ you’ll also learn:
  • The greatest tax strategy that no one seems to talk about.
  • Why the government may never balance the budget again, and what it means to you.
  • Why inflation is almost unstoppable, and ways to protect and prepare yourself.
  • How to generate a stable retirement income that you cannot outlive, even in an unstable economy.
  • The #1 mistake a retiree can make that threatens your financial security ‹and the media tells you to do it!
Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at the Grand Traverse Resort Beginning at 6:00 PM (Please arrive by 5:50 PM) (Arrive early so that our parking lot spotters can scope out the cars to see who might have the most dough!)100 Grand Traverse Village Blvd. Acme, Michigan 49610

Seating is limited, so reserve your seat today! Fill out the quick form below and we’ll be in contact with you shortly to confirm your reservation.

Special Note: Topics discussed at this event are best suited for investors with $250,000 or more in their retirement accounts. (In other words, the ripest berry has the sweetest juice) Financial advisors, insurance agents, attorneys and accountants are welcome to attend this event. Please call this special line to reserve your seat: (231) 995-9575.

Retiring Well with Michael Reese