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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

“LIEN” ON ME: Steven Ingersoll Can Never Sell His Residential Real Estate...He Owes Nearly $1,000,000 In Federal & State Tax Liens! (But You Can Rent His Traverse City Home For $5,700 A Week!)

The Carlisle House is available the summer of 2019 beginning July 1st with a weekly charge of $5700 ($5300 if deposit and rental is accepted by May 1, 2019.) Cleaning fee $300 for weekly rentals. Longer rentals require cleanings every 2 weeks of $150.) Fully refundable security deposit of $1000. Small pets considered. 

You can't sell or refinance a property unless you satisfy a tax lien and, in the case of Steven Ingersoll, multiple tax liens.

Adding the $22,207 federal judgment, along with nearly $38,000 in delinquent property tax owed to Bay City, and roughly $40,000 in income tax owed the State of Michigan, the grand total is nearly $1,000,000.

In a December 15, 2016, sentencing memorandum, federal prosecutors stated:

“When looking first at the need for retribution, Ingersoll has committed a serious offense, and his sentence should reflect it. His offense was not a one-time lapse in judgement, or a record-keeping mistake with purely civil tax consequences. His criminal tax-loss amount exceeds a million dollars. And he was convicted of tax evasion and fraud with respect to three years of false income tax returns. 

Ingersoll has done nothing to repay the money that he owes. To the contrary, he has continued to violate the tax laws to this day by failing to file any personal income tax return since 2012. 

The profit and loss statement that Ingersoll previously filed with the court shows that from 2012 to 2015, he earned over two million dollars in gross income. The only income tax payment he has made for those tax periods, however, was a $10,000 payment submitted when he applied for an extension to file his 2012 return. Defendant’s repeated and significant criminal conduct warrants a lengthy sentence.” 

The Traverse City property, shown above, is agressively marketed by Ingersoll's wife, Deborah, as a vacation rental, and generates up to $5,700 in weekly rent revenue.

It's like the shitty gift that keeps on giving, with one bizarre exception—a property located at 1515 Sixth Street in Bay City, directly behind Ingersoll's Center Avenue home.

Property records reveal the home is owned by a Michigan-based limited liability corporation, 1515 Sixth Street, LLC, formed on March 9, 2011 by Steven Ingersoll.

The Sixth Street home's property taxes are current, and the Ingersolls recently paid off a $96,000 mortgage registered against the home on July 21, 2016 in Bay County.


So they can pay their bills!