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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

REINVENTING THE WHEEL: Why All The Bidding Process Chazerai, Grand Traverse Academy Board? Bay City Academy's 2015 Process Reveals Formal Management Company Announcement Made Two Weeks After That Board Issued Its RFP!

Reading between the lines — a particular skill of mine — I discovered what I believe to be inordinate foot-dragging in the Grand Traverse Academy board's sort of/maybe we'll kick him to the curb/or use it as a financial cudgel to renegotiate with Mark Noss when his Full Spectrum Management contract expires in April 2018.

In my opinion, I don't see the Traverse City charter school's board severing ties with current manager, Mark Noss, unless he's indicted. And the bizarre, almost Kabuki theater way this thing is unspooling is just another head fake.

Like two scorpions in a bottle, Noss and the board are circling each other, playing a game of chicken. And with the current board president having warmed a seat continuously since the school opened in the fall of 2000, it's not a stretch to believe this one's all for show.

Remember, the Grand Traverse Academy board left Steven Ingersoll in charge for nearly a year after he admitted on May 20, 2013 that he owed the school at least $3.58 million!

Enough of the dicking around! 

If you want a management proposal, you can find one sitting on a shelf — like a can of green beans!

The image at left, taken from Bid4Michigan, shows how quickly you can turn this thing around: the Bay City Academy issued its RFP on April 1, 2015, and set April 15 as the deadline for submitting a bid.

And on April 28, 2015, former Lake Superior State University Charter Office head Nick Oshelski confirmed to me in an email that the Bay City Academy had contracted with Brian Lynch's new management company, Mitten Educational Management, to run the scandal-plagued charter school founded by convicted felon, Steven Ingersoll.

Oh, wait...now that I think about it, wasn't Lynch hand-picked by Ingersoll to serve as the Bay City Academy's superintendent? 

Hmmm? Wonder how he got that gig?

Here's a hint: pick up the phone and call Bay City and ask one of the remaining skeleton crew to send over the PDF created April 1, 2015 titled “The West Michigan Aviation Academy Board of Directors is seeking proposals from”.

Yeah, those Bay City Academy geniuses didn't even change the name of the document when they used it to usher in Fortunate Son-In-Law.

Must have been an April Fools' Day prank!