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Sunday, July 3, 2016

PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE PERCENTAGES: Mark Noss Paid Steven Ingersoll, Ingersoll Entities Up To 78 Percent Of His Monthly Grand Traverse Academy/Full Spectrum Management Fee!

The news, broken exclusively on this blog, that Mark Noss had been making monthly payments to Steven Ingersoll and Ingersoll-controlled entities between April 2014-March 2016 eventually made it to local media.

However, although Noss attempted to explain away the cash gusher as payment for "intellectual property and consulting services", you have to wonder if the "financial and management experience" Noss boasted about in April 2014 wasn't really as impressive as he'd claimed. Stated as a percentage of Full Spectrum Management's $70,456.95 monthly fee, the results are stunning.

Bled dry, squeezed, or gouged...almost sounds like organized crime.

Or, in this case, disorganized crime!

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  1. It seems it is both organized and disorganized crime! You wonder if Ingersoll would rat out his buddy Mark Noss if it would help reduce his soon coming sentence? If only the walls of the GTA, BCA, and their homes (and cell phones) could talk!