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Sunday, May 31, 2015

BUS STOPPED! Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Suspends Vet License Of Dr. Bruce Langlois; 'Spay Neuter Express' Mobile Surgical Van Up On Blocks

BREAKING NEWS! State of Michigan Vet Board "summarily suspends" license of Dr. Bruce Langlois, effective immediately! Spay Neuter Express visits should be cancelled!

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) issued an order today (May 31, 2015) summarily suspending Langlois’ license pursuant to the Public Health Code which provides for the summary suspension of a health professional’s license when it finds that the public health, safety, or welfare requires emergency action.

In any situation like Langlois', where a state board has reason to believe that an accredited veterinarian has knowingly violated the Animal Health Protection Act (7 U.S.C. 8301 et seq.), the board may summarily suspend the vet's accreditation pending final determination in either a suspension or revocation proceeding.

Final determination is expected shortly, and Miss Fortune will bring details on LARA's decision as soon as they become available.

Langlois owns and operates the Animal Hospital of Lowell, Michigan and the Spay Neuter Express, a mobile surgical that travels Michigan—or used to travel Michigan.

Dr. Bruce Langlois (shown at left) is a level-three registered sex offender, and subject to lifetime supervision by the State of Michigan as a two-time loser.  His admittedly scandalous record as a vet doesn't even measure up to his sordid criminal history

According to official State of Michigan court records, in 1995 Langlois pleaded guilty to one count of Criminal Sexual Conduct 4th Degree after an incident in his veterinary office. The victim worked for Langlois, but during the trial Langlois claimed in his testimony that he and the woman had become friends. He claimed in court that he "misinterpreted her behavior as flirtatious", also known as the "she asked for it" defense.

Langlois admitted that an incident occurred in the office while the woman was on a stool, reaching for something and he "put his hands up her shorts on her bottom in an attempt to stop the fall".

Langlois went on to admit that he had also attempted to put his fingers in the woman's vagina.

In September, 2014, although unlicensed by Tennessee, Langlois conducted a three-day "Spay Neuter Express Clinic" at the Tipton County Animal Control facility in Brighton, Tennessee. 

In an attempt to salvage his tattered reputation after the most recent allegations hit the news media, Langlois launched a Facebook page he called (and I'm not kidding!) "The good work of Dr. Bruce Langlois".  

Shown at left is an early post. 

I wonder if this commenter would refer to this story as just "more defaming crap"? 

Class act, that one!

SPAY NEUTER EXPRESS VISITS: Cancelled until further notice!

Due to the action by the State of Michigan, Langlois is prohibited from working in his Spay Neuter Express mobile facility.

If he's spotted in your community, call your local police department and report him.