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Thursday, July 14, 2016

DON’T KNOW MUCH ABOUT IVL!: The Second Installment Of An Exclusive Exposé Series “My Bread Is Buttered On Both Sides: Emails From One White Guy To Another White Guy” Revealing Stunning, Formerly-Secret Emails Between Steven Ingersoll & LSSU's Former Charter Office Head Bruce Harger!

SHOCKING SECRETS! With Steven Ingersoll pulling the strings, former Lake Superior State University Charter Office head Bruce Harger pens Michigan Board of Optometry recommendation letter! (Read Part 1: I'm In Bed With My Authorizer at this link.)

Three weeks after undergoing cardiac bypass surgery, convicted tax cheat Steven Ingersoll was already back at work — salvaging his tarnished reputation.

Joining two other Ingersoll insiders Mark Noss and Brad Habermehl, Harger also knuckled under and sent a letter of recommendation to the Michigan Board of Optometry.

An April 18, 2016 letter from the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) directed Ingersoll to complete a Request for Conviction History form.

In an April 27, 2016 email (shown below), Ingersoll stipulates the following inclusions: Duane's death (late CPA Duane Kundinger), messed up bookkeeping, GTA's support and my application of the principles of Optometry in the field of education. (Wait...what? I thought this had nothing to do with the GTA?) 

Harger quickly complies, sending Ingersoll a copy of his recommendation letter, and even offering additional assistance.

So, now that we're 'three for three' with the purported learning disability private school project, will more details of this formerly secret plan emerge?

Harger's complete letter of recommendation follows:


  1. Don't know much about education!
    But I do know that I love money
    And together we can screw the taxpayer.
    What a wonderful scam it could be.
    Sing it out...add your verse!

    1. Just love your lyrics! He and his colleagues sure do love money...more than anything else. Can't wait for the Ingersoll financial empire to come crashing down... he did it to himself with all his financial manipulations and using some innocent people.

  2. to put this blame on a man that is dead that cannot defend himself anybody anybody that does that are the lowest of the low!!!!!
    if I was that accountants family I would break his jaw

    1. There is no question of how low Ingersoll and his cronies are. They are true sociopaths and evil. May Ingersoll and his colleagues soon be brought to justice.

  3. The accountant is not responsible for the Ingersoll fraud. Ingersoll needs to accept his guilt and his time in prison. Wonder how soon he can go to prison and charges against the rest can start. Any ideas?

  4. Prison for Ingersoll - time for Mr. Brunner to step up a process to investigate all charter schools and stop the fraud.

    1. Brunner's a State Representative, and it's not his job to establish a process and investigate all charter schools.

      This comment is just ridiculous.