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Saturday, July 16, 2016

SO SUE ME ALREADY! Miss Fortune Reacts To Ingersoll's "Libelous Blogger" Allegation, Harger Offer Of "Help"

In a post titled "I'm In Bed With My Authorizer!", the first installment in a series I'm calling "My Bread Is Buttered On Both Sides: Emails From One White Guy To Another White Guy", I revealed a series of emails that included Steven Ingersoll's allegation claiming I was a "vicious and libelous blogger".

In a toady-like response, Lake Superior State University's former Charter Office head and current Ingersoll crony Bruce Harger offered up this thought: 
Yes, Harger offered to testify on Ingersoll's behalf, should he sue me for libel.

But why wait?

If you firmly believe my writing has been libelous, then sue me now.

But you may want to check with a former Grand Traverse Academy board member who threatened to do the same thing. He didn't like what he called the bad news, but quickly reconsidered and resigned after less than four months.


  1. Does no-one care about what is right, what is best for children and how to treat and care for teachers, so that teachers hsve the tooĺ to energy to develop our young children's hearts and minds.
    Oh right thanks Schneider, thanks MI Education Department and chartering university LSSU. Got the memo... Steal the taxpayers money, pretend like we give a damn about those kids Ands let's haul in the cash.

  2. If anyone has 'disgraceful behavior', it's the Ingersolls...countless innocent people have experienced their IVL (I Value Loot above decency, ethics, and simply 'doing the right thing')venom.

  3. I am sickened by all of these people, Ingersoll, Noss, Lynch, Harger, MDE, LSSU to name a few. Love the IVL meaning above. If we let people like this and all the others that fall in line take over our education system and our children, we have failed as conscientious caring parents and families. These guys care nothing of the future of these children(except for their own children) they have one thing in mind and that is this; I will lie, steal, cheat and bury you if you get in my way, because I only care about money. Stop working there! Stop sending your children there! Everyone has to help to stop this abuse of our children, our schools and our educators.