Thursday, April 2, 2015


Justin Covillon: The Veep
Michigan native Robert "the crooked chiropractor" Buckhannon, arrested in Las Vegas on October 1, 2014 by the FBI and currently under federal indictment for conspiracy and fraud charges relating to a $34 million dollar hedge fund swindle, has apparently launched a brand new business—and Mr. Six Pack Abs here with the practiced come-hither look of a jaded male hustler (also known as Justin Covillon) is his business partner.

Back on December 26, 2014, I revealed on this blog that Buckhannon had launched www.robertbuckhannon.com in an apparent attempt to revive his chiropractic career. Although Buckhannon's federal bond conditions restrict him to travel within Clark County, Nevada, the new site made it appear that Dr. Rob was furiously booking appointments in Las Vegas and Battle Creek, Michigan. (Buckhannon's upcoming federal trial, originally expected to happen during 2015, has been pushed back to late 2016. Nearly 250,000 pages of discovery will do that.)

Couple problems with Dr. Rob's chiropractic career: Buckhannon's Nevada chiropractic license expired in December 2010 and, although his Michigan license is current...the terms of his federal bond restrict him to Clark County!

On January 18, I published a story featuring a very odd press release issued on behalf of Buckhannon's newest scheme: “building out genetics laboratories and bringing jobs to Battle Creek, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.”

The release claimed Buckhannon's new corporate employer would operate under the name "Clinical Testing Corporation".

Had the man whose court-appointed defense lawyer famously argued that this “crooked chiropractor” was “broke with an expired passport and doesn’t have money to flee the country” had apparently gone to his secret money sources and gathered up enough scratch to help open sophisticated genetics testing laboratories in Las Vegas, Phoenix and West Palm Beach.

Not so fast!

Shifty Buckhannon attempted to throw Miss Fortune off his trail, but his tricks didn't work.  Although there'd once been a "Clinical Testing Corporation" in Nevada (it was permanently revoked in 2008), the new Buckhannon scheme operates under the name "Clinical Testing Corp LLC".

Although it was recently incorporated in Nevada (October 28, 2014) by Glen Amador of Las Vegas and John Rittenour of Kansas City, the new company's website sure makes it look like it's been around for years.

Check out this screen grab:

"Thousands of customers", including "nearly all of the largest pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and chemical companies in the world"? 


In less than five months from its formation, this "company" already has thousands of customers? 

What sleek, well-appointed modern office building serves as this successful company's headquarters?

Here it is: the world headquarters of Robert Buckhannon's Clinical Testing Corp...a rundown medical office building at the end of a dusty shopping strip at 4550 E. Charleston Boulevard in Las Vegas.

Buckhannon's terms of release on his federal bond ("Financial") note that he's "prohibited from obtaining new bank accounts or lines of credit and is not allowed to solicit monies from investors".

So has he done that? It's not clear, but Buckhannon recently formed his own corporation—under the name Regent Health Systems LLC.

Formed on March 3, 2015, official Nevada corporation records for the entity reveal that its "Resident Agent" is Justin Covillon, whose LinkedIn profile shows that he's also the Vice President of Business Development for Buckhannon's new employer, Clinical Testing Corp...or Corporation.

Covillon's business career is almost as checkered as the tablecloth at your favorite Italian restaurant. Back in 2010, Covillon owned Atomic Spice, a Las Vegas "spice" incense shop that sells imported fragrance oils, incense sticks, and the synthetic cannabinoid commonly known as "spice". 

Sounding like a perfect candidate for "Buckhannonworld", Covillon was quoted in a 2010 Las Vegas newspaper story regarding Nevada's attempts to regulate K-2 or "spice". 

Questioning whether the state's efforts would even work, Covillon said "You can buy paint thinner at Wal-Mart. Are people going to huff paint thinner? You're not going to take that off the shelves."

You just can't make this stuff up!


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