Wednesday, June 29, 2016

GOLDEN BOYS: Federally-Indicted Hedge Fund Fraudster Robert "Crooked Chiropractor" Buckhannon And His Malibu Crony Zia "Versaille Investments" Shlaimoun Together Again! After Getting His Feet Wet With Clinical Testing Corp, Buckhannon Teams Up With Shlaimoun To Launch GoldStar Laboratories.


Buckhannon's new venture, GoldStar Laboratories LLC, is already incorporated in five states, with his business partner Zia "Zy" Shlaimoun.

Is this a scheme...or a scam? 


On June 23, Robert Buckhannon got some more good news: he'd been granted another delay (his fourth!) in his upcoming federal hedge fund fraud trial.

Buckhannon was arrested on October 1, 2014 in Las Vegas, and was charged along with Terry Rawstern of Aberdeen, S. D. in a criminal indictment with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and one count of wire fraud. If convicted, Buckhannon and Rawstern could face up to 30 years on the conspiracy charge and up to an additional 20 years in prison on the wire fraud charge.

Buckhannon's trial date was just pushed back from October 17, 2016 to at least April 24, 2017.

But although Buckhannon's October 2, 2014 bond required the crooked chiropractor to actively seek employment, Miss Fortune has learned that Buckhannon formed a new scam business with a partner who's well-known to the readers of this blog: international fraudster and Arcanum/Vestium hedge fund homie Zia Shlaimoun.

With Buckhannon in the GoldStar driver's seat, he may be violating two crucial financial terms of his bond: prohibitions against obtaining new bank accounts or lines of credit and soliciting money from investors.  


Back on July 21, 2015, I broke the story on this blog of Buckhannon's so-called business development job with a pindick Las Vegas outfit called Clinical Testing Corp LLC. Although initially restricted to Las Vegas/Clark County, Nevada with a GPS tracking device strapped to his ankle, Buckhannon was eventually allowed to ditch the device and travel freely throughout the continental United States and Hawaii.

But while Robert Buckhannon was tooling around the lower 48, he reconnected with a slippery character named Zia Shlaimoun. 

A bit of backstory on Shlaimoun:

On April 1, 2009, Robert Buckhannon, then CEO of Vestium Management Group and managing member of Arcanum Equity Fund (AEF), wired $20,000 out of an AEF account to Infinifund Ltd. 

However, less than six weeks before, (on February 24, 2009), Buckhannon had sent an email to the other managing members, Terry Rawstern, Dale St. Jean and Gregory Tindall, telling them that pending investor redemption requests “can be strung out for a bit” while they pursued other investment opportunities. 

According to federal court documents, Buckhannon wired an additional $200,000 to Infinifund on June 30, 2009. 

On August 18, 2009, Buckhannon sent a letter to the Funds' investors explaining the Funds lacked the necessary capital to pay investor redemptions. 

However, the very next day, Buckhannon transferred $2.5 million of Arcanum's funds to Shea Mining. 

When questioned in November 2009 by the Funds’ controller regarding the existence of an agreement authorizing or explaining the purpose for the Infinifund disbursements, Buckhannon explained that Infinifund’s sole principal, Zia P. Shlaimoun, was the “cousin of his fiancé Marlena Michaels.” 

Chez Shlaimoun
More recently, on August 12, 2014, Shlaimoun (who's living large in a 9,300 square foot Irvine, California rental), paid Ontario, Canada-based MTI a $2.0 million judgment as well as an additional $2.5 million for MTI’s worldwide investigative and litigation costs. 

The settlement was made on the eve of MTI’s trial in California against Shlaimoun’s company, Versailles Investment Limited. 

According to Canadian court documents, MTI intended to have its Ontario judgment relied upon by the courts in California (where Shlaimoun is being sued in multiple civil actions). For Shlaimoun, the risk of other investors coming forward with actions, the prejudicial judicial findings in Ontario, England and California resulted in the "pressure point" necessary for him to transfer back to MTI his ill-gotten gains. 

Sounds like a perfect match for Battle Creek's own "crooked chiropractor"!  


Clinical Testing Corp was formed in Nevada on October 28, 2014 by John Rittenour. 

When the company's website was launched shortly after, it was already boasting that it had provided "outsourced services to thousands of customers from most healthcare disciplines, including nearly all the largest pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and chemical companies in the world." (The original site design was recently replaced around March 13, 2016 with a stark "contact us" form and this blunt announcement: we are no longer accepting any marketing representatives.)

In an email, Vickie Estes, Supervisor of Medical Laboratory Services for Nevada, confirmed that the entity, Clinical Testing Corp, was the marketing arm for two other miniscule entities associated with John Rittenour: Lab Express and Synergy Laboratory. 

In late January, Estes confirmed that a 'Change of Ownership' inspection had been scheduled by Rittenour, although there was never any "lab license issued to the Dean Martin location", referring to Clinical Testing Corp's 4325 Dean Martin Drive, Las Vegas corporate address (really just a storefront in a dusty strip mall).

Clinical Testing Corp may have provided effective cover for Buckhannon, allowing him to move unfettered around the county, but he's moved on to a new company: MyLab Diagnostics in Ballwin, Missouri.

And Buckhannon was joined in the new venture by Zia Shlaimoun.

Tomorrow, Part 2 of this story.

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