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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Steven Ingersoll's world must be a Kafkaesque one, in which neither the enforcers nor the citizens understand the law.

How else would you explain Ingersoll's apparent fascination with the ten-part Netflix documentary series, "Making A Murder", featuring DNA exoneree Steven Avery? Filmed over a 10-year period, the series exposed corruption among local Wisconsin law enforcement.
Among the emails traded between Ingersoll and Bruce Harger, former Lake Superior State University Charter Office head is one peerless gem — a January 8, 2016 message where Ingersoll tells Harger that former Avery co-counsel Dean Strang "is coming to Bay City to evaluate my case as a potential sequel of government abuse of power."

Wait, what?

Abuse of power? Has this guy been illegally imprisoned? Denied the right to legal counsel? Deprived from earning money? Subject of a warrantless wiretapping? Tortured or kidnapped?


However, I had to check it out so I contacted Dean Strang, sending a screen grab of Ingersoll's claim — and received what's known (post-Watergate) as a 'non-denial denial'. A non-denial denial is a statement that, at first hearing, seems a direct, clear-cut unambiguous denial of some accusation, but on careful parsing turns out not to be a denial after all.

In my July 13 email, I asked Strang for his reaction to Ingersoll's assertion that he'd be "coming to Michigan" to discuss Ingersoll's case and his possible participation in the newly-greenlit "Dean Strang: Road To Justice" series.

Here's his answer: 

“Ms. Senkowski—The January 8 email you attach makes no reference at all to Road to Justice. Nor could it have, as that idea did not arise until later. You are misreading the email for whatever reason.”

Shortly after, I followed up with Strang, asking this question: 

“So are you saying that Ingersoll's claim that you are "coming to Bay City to evaluate my case as a potential sequel of government abuse of power" is untrue?”.

At 1:52pm, Strang responded: 


Sixty seconds later, Strang responded again:

“I am not commenting on that email at all, in other words.”

Looks like a non-denial denial to me! 

UPDATE: October 14-See the actual emails at this link.

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