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Monday, June 25, 2012

Hi, My Name's Kurtis, And I'd Like To Sell You A Shitty Annuity! Can I Come In?

Get to know Bankers Life alum Kurtis Tulppo! He might knock on your door--or your mother's door.

April 3, 2005
Traverse City Record-Eagle
Pair face arraignment in mailbox thefts

TRAVERSE CITY - Two area men will appear in court this week to be arraigned on charges of allegedly stealing mail from more than 50 residential mailboxes.Kurtis Tulppo, 18, of Kingsley, and Joshua Morrison, 20, of Traverse City, are scheduled to appear in 86th District Court on April 6 to be arraigned on charges of receiving and concealing stolen property, according to court records.Tulppo and Morrison also face misdemeanor charges of being minors in possession of alcohol.

(LEFT: Kurtis Tulppo has his slitty eyes on you!)

Yes, indeedy! Young Mr. Tulppo's sure made his mark in the world for a man who won't be 27 until September. And by "world" I mean 86th District Court. 

Drunk driving, speeding tickets, default judgments, wage garnishments--it makes me tired just reading it!

And even though Tulppo's parted ways with the scoundrels he worked with at Bankers Life in Traverse City, he's not letting grass grow under those feet.  He's found another gig in town, as the "Senior Partner" at Great Lakes Senior Benefits LLC. The company was formed by John Hohman, in May 2011.

With a longish history of drunk driving arrests, Tulppo plead guilty on April 19, 2005 to one count of Larceny under $200.  The minor in possession beef was dismissed, and Tulppo was ordered to pay the court $1,084.00 in fines and court costs.

It took him six years (six, count 'em, six) to pay off the amount, and here's the timeline:

Entry Date     Proceedings                         Action Date
04/04/2005     ARRAIGNMENT AREA     04/06/2005
04/05/2005     ARRAIGNMENT HELD    
04/05/2005     NOTICE OF PRE-TRIAL     04/19/2005
04/13/2005     APPEARANCE FILED-ATTY.    
04/19/2005     PLEA HELD    
04/19/2005     NOTICE OF SENTENCING     05/10/2005
05/10/2005     INSTALLMENT AGREEMENT SIGNED     05/10/2005
05/10/2005     NOTICE OF SENTENCING     05/10/2005
05/13/2005     JUDGMENT ENTERED    
05/13/2005     SENTENCE HEARING HELD    
05/13/2005     CASE IS ON PROBATION     05/10/2006
05/13/2005     ORDER OF PROBATION     05/13/2005
07/05/2005     PROBATION VIOLATION    
07/05/2005     P/V BENCH WARRANT    
07/13/2005     ARRESTED    
07/13/2005     PROBATION VIOLATION ARRAIGNMENT     07/13/2005
07/13/2005     JUDGMENT ENTERED    
07/13/2005     DEFENDANT APPEARED    
07/13/2005     CASE IS ON PROBATION     05/16/2006
07/15/2005     WARRANT RETURNED    
07/20/2005     ORDER OF PROBATION     07/20/2005
09/15/2005     PROBATION VIOLATION    
09/15/2005     P/V BENCH WARRANT    
09/21/2005     ARRESTED    
09/21/2005     PROBATION VIOLATION ARRAIGNMENT     09/21/2005
09/21/2005     JUDGMENT ENTERED    
09/21/2005     CASE IS ON TIME PAYMENTS     06/10/2006
09/21/2005     LATE PAYMENT NOTICE - WARRANT WARNING     08/10/2005
09/26/2005     WARRANT RETURNED    
10/26/2005     20 PERCENT ADDED TO CASE     08/10/2005
11/16/2007     FAILED TO PAY ON TIME     11/16/2007
11/16/2007     COLLECTIONS ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE     12/14/2007
12/17/2007     DEFENDANT APPEARED     12/14/2007
12/17/2007     LATE PAYMENT NOTICE - WARRANT WARNING     08/15/2005
11/30/2009     CASE IS ON TIME PAYMENTS     03/01/2011
01/13/2010     LATE PAYMENT NOTICE - WARRANT WARNING     01/01/2010
01/27/2010     PAYMENT MADE    
01/27/2010     CASE IS ON TIME PAYMENTS     03/01/2011
01/29/2010     CASE IS ON TIME PAYMENTS     03/18/2011
06/30/2010     LATE PAYMENT NOTICE - WARRANT WARNING     06/18/2010
07/14/2010     PAYMENT MADE    
07/14/2010     CASE IS ON TIME PAYMENTS     03/18/2011
03/15/2011     PAID IN FULL    
03/15/2011     CASE IS CLOSED

If you're wondering who's next, stop by again and see.


The Decision: Part 1

What, you thought I'd make you wait until the lumbering hoards clad in camel-toe inducing leggings swarm into town like lemmings for the Cherry Festival?

Nope, here's Part 1 of the agreed consent order filed with the United States District Court for Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division.

And I quote:

In a decision filed on June 5, the Magistrate Judge Geraldine Soat Brown affirms the following:

Plantiffs Bankers Life & Casualty Company and Defendants Shannon Nelson, Kelly Dachtler, Ryan Kashmerick, Timothy Horvath, David Teesdale, Troy Baxter, Lisa Benson, John Blanck, Bert Brotherton, Joshua Clark, Kirk Johnston, John Kime, Seth Kishefsky, Joseph Michalec, Michael Robertson, Kurtis Tulppo and Jonathan Young (collectively, "Defendants") represent to the Court that they have entered into a Settlement Agreement to resolve this lawsuit. As part of that Settlement Agreement, the parties agree to the following terms, and the Court enters the following Agreed Consent Order (the "Order").

With the court noting that the Defendants do not acknowledge having engaged in any actionable conduct, and that the entry of this order is pursuant to the agreement of Bankers Life and Defendants, it is hereby ordered, adjudged, decreed as follows:

Tomorrow...It's Another Day!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Got A Tip? Let Us Know

Don't keep it to yourself...share your story.  

We'd love to hear from anyone in the Traverse City area with a good story.

Post a comment or send me an email at missfortunetc@yahoo.com, and we'll investigate your lead.

Winner's Circle? More Like Weiner's Circle!

American Senior Benefits honors Harbor Springs agent




Better known for publishing articles that answer burning questions like "what are those black spots on my tomatoes?", the Petoskey News-Review published this gem back in April. Too bad they didn't do their homework...they could have added "fraudster" to their coverage.



HARBOR SPRINGS — American Senior Benefits recognized John Blanck of Harbor Springs, an agent for the company, as a Winner’s Circle 2011 award recipient.

John’s outstanding work ethic for the year earned him one of the top spots in the country from American Senior Benefits in the senior insurance products field. This elite group of producers from all over the country earned a 5 day cruise aboard Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas along with other special awards.

“I am very proud of John and the work he has accomplished,” said Jim Sweeney, managing general partner of American Senior Benefits. “This recognition is reserved for the very few and John is more than deserving of this honor.”

Blanck noted that the most rewarding part of his job is building relationships and solving problems.
In Blanck’s 10 years in the insurance industry he would most like to thank his wife Cathy; his three sons Finnegan, Colin, and Declan; his managers Shannon Nelson and Ryan Kashmerick, and all of his clients.

Gone Baby Gone!

SHANNON NELSON, RYAN KASHMERICK, and others shutter American Senior Benefits-related Twitter accounts after May 5th "Glistening, Quivering Underbelly" exposé

Deleted their accounts and left no content on the site...but Shannon's back and we found him!  

He opened a new Twitter account:@shannonnelson_

Double click on his name, shoot him a tweet and tell him "Glistening, Quivering Underbelly" says hello (we know you're reading every post, Shannon):

Tweet tweet: "WeXSell" No More? 
The following Twitter accounts have disappeared, but we know you won't stay silent very long. 

In the meantime, we'll just have to console ourselves with the screen captures--yeah, we took pictures!



Saturday, June 23, 2012

LOOK WHO'S GLEN ARBOR'S LOW-RENT JERRY SANDUSKY!! IT'S ROBERT MAURICE JOHNSON Multimillionaire Convicted Child Pornographer Plans To Party Like It's 1999 At Birthday Blowout July 14th; Sick, Sleazy Porn Conviction Keeps Him On Sex Offender Registry Until 2031

Johnson claimed pressure of being a corporate chief executive made him severely depressed.

“I decided to escape,” Mr. Johnson said. “I decided to go to fantasy because reality was too much to bear.”

(Poor baby!)

Johnson used a program called "Evidence Eliminator" to try to erase more than 12,000 child pornography files from his work computer.

Name disappears from Michigan registry when Johnson spends time at posh homes in Florida and the Dominican Republic...and it's legal!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, up pops ole Bob Johnson.  Looks like a friendly neighbor, right? Smiling at you in the picture (above, courtesy of the Michigan Sex Offender Registry), you'd never know that he's a convicted child pornographer who's required to register as a sex offender until 2031--when he'll be 86!!

But Johnson's not your average ChoMo--he's a multimillionaire and the former publisher of Newsday, a New York City daily newspaper.  And neighbor Bob has the distinction of being one of the best-known men accused of child pornography offenses.

On August 4, 2006, Johnson pled guilty in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York to one count of possession of child pornography and one count of destroying computer records, and was sentenced to fifteen months in federal prison on December 15, 2006.

Born in Joliet, Illinois, Johnson attended Lockport Central High School. He graduated from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, in 1968, majoring in Business Finance and Management. He received a Juris Doctor degree in 1971 from the University of Michigan Law School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has also received an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from St. John's University, an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Hofstra University, and an Honorary Doctor of Science degree from Dowling College.

Johnson, the former publisher of Newsday and a member of the New York State Board of Regents for nine years, was indicted in 2005 on federal charges of downloading child pornography onto his office computer and then trying to destroy it once he learned that his company was being investigated.

The three-count indictment, filed in Federal District Court in Manhattan, charges that starting in April 2002, Mr. Johnson used two e-mail names to visit child pornography Web sites and download at least two movies containing such pornography while he was chief executive of Bowne & Company, a New York financial printing operation.

Excerpt from Johnson's child pornography indictment:
During the time period beginning in or about April 2002 through in or about May 2004, ROBERT JOHNSON, a/k/a "robjob714," a/k/a "jobobo55," the defendant, used the Company’s computer systems to access websites on the Internet that contained child pornography. JOHNSON used a computer owned by the Company and assigned to him to download from the Internet at least two movie files that contain child pornography.

Prosecutors charged that around that time, after learning that federal authorities had traced illegal downloads to Bowne computers, Mr. Johnson tried to erase the files on his office computer.

According to the indictment, agents from the customs enforcement branch of the Department of Homeland Security tracked the child pornography to "a computer using an Internet protocol address that agents traced" to Bowne and Mr. Johnson.

In the first days of May 2004, the indictment says, customs agents advised company lawyers that the company was under investigation for receiving child pornography. On May 5, 2004, a company lawyer told Mr. Johnson about the investigation, according to the indictment.

It charges that on May 5 and 6, Mr. Johnson used a program called Evidence Eliminator to try to erase more than 12,000 files from his computer. On May 10, Bowne officials seized Mr. Johnson's desktop and laptop computers and later turned them over to federal authorities.

If you're invited to Johnson's waterfront home for his son Chad's wedding later this month...leave the kids home.

LET'S MAKE A DEAL: Shannon Nelson & 17 Others Settle Civil Fraud, Breach of Contract Suit


Shannon Nelson and his merry men (and women) have reached a settlement with Bankers Life & Casualty.  The following is an excerpt from a court filing outlining the tentative settlement.  We are reviewing the six page decision, and will spill all the gory details in our next post.  And, for your entertainment, scroll down and read how Shannon Nelson describes his awesomeness on his Tumblr blog--he's a regular, freaking Mother Theresa!

 June 11, 2012




Plaintiff Bankers Life and Casualty Company (“Bankers Life”) and Defendants Shannon Nelson, Kelly Dachtler, Ryan Kashmerick, Timothy Horvath, David Teesdale, Troy Baxter, Lisa Benson, John Blanck, Bert Brotherton, Joshua Clark, Kirk Johnston, John Kime, Seth Kishefsky, Joseph Michalec, Michael Robertson, Kurtis Tulppo and Jonathan Young (collectively, “Defendants”) jointly move this Court to enter the proposed Agreed Consent Order (“Consent Order”).

The parties have reached an agreement to settle this case. The parties’ settlement agreement, however, is contingent upon the Court approving and entering the attached Agreed Consent Order. If approved by the Court, the Agreed Consent Order would, among other things: (1) impose certain restrictions and obligations on Defendants related to non-solicitation of Bankers Life’s agents, non-solicitation and non-servicing of Bankers Life’s customers and policyholders, and (2) dismiss Bankers Life’s claims in this case with prejudice (except that the Court would retain jurisdiction for purposes of enforcing the Agreed Consent Order and the settlement agreement entered into by the parties).

About me-- 

from the sticky desk of Mr. Shannon Nelson:

(From the pen of Mr. Nelson himself--the remarks in red are mine. But you knew that, right?)
With an award-winning record in the insurance industry, Shannon Nelson has spent recent years with American Senior Benefits, LLC. Catering to individuals 55 years of age and over, the firm provides a solid portfolio of competitively priced and reliable health and life insurance programs, including Medicare supplement plans, annuities, and specialty health insurance products. As President of the Traverse City, Michigan branch of American Senior Benefits, Shannon Nelson motivates a team of agents and managers and instills several core values, such as personal integrity, loyalty, and real-time feedback and accountability.
(Are you kidding me right now?!)

Away from his day-to-day responsibilities at American Senior Benefits, Shannon Nelson belongs to the local Chamber of Commerce, while his branch maintains a membership in the Better Business Bureau and sponsors the Traverse Area Senior Softball League. Additionally, Mr. Nelson lends his time to charitable causes like the Humane Society, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Alzheimer’s Association, Meals on Wheels, YMCA, and Goodwill. (I'll bet he meets a lot of old, feeble prospects with those groups. Sheesh, has he no shame?)

Mr. Nelson has spent much of his career in the insurance industry. Earlier, in his role at a previous firm, he performed as a Field Trainer and later as a Branch Manager. During this time, Mr. Nelson served as a Compliance Committee Consultant and as an Executive Council Member. In 2001, Mr. Nelson was recognized with the Most Improved Branch Sales Manager of the Year award. (Ah yes, the "previous firm" that raided his Traverse City office, bounced him out on his fat rear, and sued that fat rear.)

Shannon Nelson holds an undergraduate degree in Business Management from the University of Southern Indiana. A fan of professional and college sports, he follows the Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bulls, Detroit Tigers, Dallas Cowboys, Florida State Seminoles, and New England Patriots. (University of Southern Indiana--what, you didn't know there was an Ivy League school in the Hoosier state?)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Beat Goes On...Sleazy Scammer Shannon Nelson Keeps The Fraud Case Train Rollin'

LEFT: American Senior Benefits' Grand Gangsta Poobah Shannon Nelson,
quivering in his lair

Shannon Nelson and his merry gang of thieves are still wrangling with Bankers Life over settlement of the fraud and breach of contract suit filed on April 26, 2011 (happy belated birthday, lawsuit!).  A May 29, 2012 docket entry in United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois shows the Honorable Judge Geraldine Soat Brown has continued the case to June 12, 2012 at 9:45 a.m. If a consent judgment is submitted in advance of that date, no one needs to appear on June 12.

Translated, that means while settlement talks continue, no final agreement has yet been reached between Shannon Nelson, his merry band of thieves and Bankers Life.

In the meantime, our boy Shannon is looking for you, Traverse City area jobless. Here's the ad Nelson is running on Indeed.com:

Sales Representative

About the Job

American Senior Benefits  is looking to expand our office in northern Michigan.​ We are a Top 5 branch in the U.​S.​, with over 60 yrs of experience in the local office.​ This is a professional environment so we are looking for applicants with strong work ethics, good core values, integrity and some college.​ We are offering a base pay plus commission with an average first year of 45k to 50k.​  If you are qualified and looking for a career opportunity and not just a job, please contact our local office at  231-421-8331 opt.​ 3.​

So, if you've taken the hook and swallowed it, then you might be perfect for ASB.  But if you're a little bit smarter than the average bear, you can read between the lines.  Here's a comment from someone posting under the name "Speak Your Peace" on complaintsboard.com (wonder which ASB stoogette wrote this?).  My comments are in red:

Neither of you have any idea what you are talking about. (No they don't know half of what's happened!) It's true that most of our team started at Bankers, but it didn't take long to realize that one product line with a lower A.M. Best rating would not be in the best interest of the clients, mostly senior citizens. (We skulked out of Bankers under cover of darkness after the suits raided the place and were ready to give us the old heave ho!) There is nothing at all similar between Bankers Life and ASB. (Nothing, nothing I tell you.  Except that seventeen people who worked at Bankers now populate the office of ASB, and all seventeen are named in a fraud lawsuit. Small detail, that.) At ASB, we have over 50+ A rated insurance companies that we can help seniors with. Ryan and Shannon are both good managers and good people. (Sure, they're both good people. Why don't you ask Shannon about Margaret Zimmerman?) You are only hurting yourself by not interviewing. Go see for yourself, don't take some disgruntled agents word for it. (Hey, is there such a thing as a "gruntled" agent?) What do you have to lose? You are unemployed, have the opportunity to help people rather than "scam" them as you say, and make a living at something worthwhile. You could continue to sit at home and keep judging people you know nothing about though, that will pay your bills nicely. The choice is yours.

Wow! That's breathtaking in its hypocrisy...can't wait until they get to the part about "downloading Bankers Life's proprietary client and marketing databases".

Profile Picture

Stay away, folks!  Although that warning is may be late too help ASB newbie Cinnamon Finnerty (above), you don't need these headaches.