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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Per Wickstrom/Randy Richardville Video Snipped; Transcript edited to delete "We Just Opened There" South Bend claim. GONE!

As your girl Miss Fortune reported on Sunday, November 17, Per Wickstrom interviewed Michigan State Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville during his recent visit to Frenchtown Township in Monroe County. Wickstrom was touring a vacant building, casting his gimlet-eyed gaze toward the prospect of opening another clinic.

Well, since that story appeared on this blog, the video has been edited to remove Wickstrom's claim that he has "an organization in South Bend" that "we just opened up".

In addition, the video's transcript has also been edited to remove the earlier claim.

Gone, baby, gone!

But your girl Miss Fortune is always thinking...that's why I captured a screen grab of the transcript on Sunday!

Here's an excerpt, including the South Bend statements:

Being a watchdog is so much fun!

Monday, November 18, 2013

PER WICKSTROM'S MONROE COUNTY CHARM OFFENSIVE: Just How Offensive Will It Get? And Why Is Wickstrom Bragging About Operating Without A License in South Bend?


Per Wickstrom's Monroe County charm offensive kicked into high gear on September 29 at Ford Field in Detroit when he "interviewed" April Demers, the Community Development Coordinator of Monroe County's Substance Abuse Coalition.

Shown above in a screen capture, Demers spoke with Wickstrom about the epidemic of heroin and prescription drug abuse in Monroe County. In the video, Demers tells Wickstrom that Monroe County has a higher percentage of people being treated for heroin and opiate addiction than any other county in Michigan, a statistic backed up by the Michigan Department of Community Health.

Wickstrom's considering Monroe County as the next stage in the expansion of his addiction empire. In a story posted on Sunday, November 17, I shared Wickstrom's interview with Randy Richardville, the Michigan State Senate Majority Leader. It appears Wickstrom conducted the interview during his tour earlier this month of Frenchtown Township's vacant Boysville facility.

During his discussion with Richardville, Wickstrom spun like a proverbial top--and your girl Miss Fortune has caught him in at least one lie.

After he explained to Richardville that he runs "a holistic program here in Michigan", Wickstrom claimed that he has "an organization in South Bend" that "just opened up there."

Funny, a spokesperson for the State of Indiana's Division of Mental Health and Addiction (DMHA) today confirmed exclusively in an email to Miss Fortune that the DMHA has not heard from Wickstrom's representatives since August 27. Indiana's DMHA had requested additional documentation and clarification from Wickstrom, which was due on September 14.

The licensing process for the South Bend facility, which was to be operated under the name "Tranquility Detox", has effectively stalled.

So there's no license, and if Wickstrom claims he "just opened up" in South Bend he's either lying or operating without a license.

Well, what is it?

If you're driving by 3606 E. Jefferson Boulevard in South Bend, slow down and take a look.  

Something tells Miss Fortune it's not so "tranquil" at Tranquility Detox.

Oh, and my favorite part of the video? At the 3:19 mark, Wickstrom terms the abuse of Adderall "prelavent".

That crunching and groaning you hear is the sound of Mrs. Maggie T, my favorite high school English teacher, rolling in her grave!
has the highest percentage of people being treated for heroin and opiate addiction than any other county in Michigan,

Read more at: http://www.monroenews.com/news/2013/sep/08/monroe-county-fall-summit-address-heroin-use/
that Monroe County has the highest percentage of people being treated for heroin and opiate addiction than any other county in Michigan

Read more at: http://www.monroenews.com/news/2013/sep/08/monroe-county-fall-summit-address-heroin-use/
that Monroe County has the highest percentage of people being treated for heroin and opiate addiction than any other county in Michigan

Read more at: http://www.monroenews.com/news/2013/sep/08/monroe-county-fall-summit-address-heroin-use/

Sunday, November 17, 2013

STRANGE BEDFELLOWS? Is Randy Richardville Caught In A Bad Bromance With Per Wickstrom?

Wonder how long it will take the wags in Lansing to add "Scientology Shill" to Randy "RINO Randy" Richardville's growing list of nicknames?

Not long at all once they get a load of this video with Per Wickstrom crowding the two-shot.

I can't believe I just discovered this cinematic gem, dripping with the panache of a hostage video, right out there on Best Drug Rehabilitation's website!

Republican Richardville is the Majority Leader of the Michigan State Senate. He currently state senator for the 17th District, which consists of all of Monroe, southern Washtenaw, and eastern Jackson counties. And instead of digging into Wickstrom's record, Richardville is digging the scene in Monroe--basking in the camera's glow. (Cozying up to elected officials--guess that's something that will keep them off your back and out of your bidness!) 

It's likely the video was shot during Wickstrom's tour of Monroe's Boysville Center, which could become the next link in the chain, chain, chain of Wickstrom's addiction empire.

Get the fly swatter, folks, because I'm about to quote from a November 14 Wickstrom press release touting his plans to "stem & stop heroin addiction in Monroe, MI". 

In explaining his choice of  Monroe, Wickstrom stated: “We need to give individuals and families the practical and expert-led treatment and support they need -- not by forcing them to go to Detroit, Flint or some other city -- but right here in Monroe. Admittedly, the challenges facing Monroe are big and can seem overwhelming, but with determination and commitment, together we can turn the corner, make a difference, and turn a devastating tale into an inspiring success story that will be felt across Michigan, around the country, and across the world!” 

You know, I almost believe him...NOT!

The video was accompanied by a transcript, which is reproduced below. The comments in red are from your girl Miss Fortune....what, you thought I'd lost my edge?

Per: Alright, I’m here with Randy Richardville, Majority Senate Leader State of Michigan. Randy, you know what I do. I run a holistic program here in Michigan. I also have an organization in South Bend. We just opened up there and we’re moving towards Illinois now. You know, when we look at addiction, and I know that you come across it more than most people because you’re in the public interest. What’s your opinion on, what do we need to do? 
What the hell does "holistic" really mean, anyway? I know it's supposed to mean integrated, but it sounds like old hippie bullshit to me. And since when did "holistic" mean "Scientology"?

Randy: Well, you know I think the root of it is a good family life, good parenting, and things like that.

Per: What do you do when your son or your daughter, you suspect them of using drugs? You know, a lot of parents don’t know. You know, what do we do? You know a lot of them don’t know. They don’t know to call somebody for help or talk to their son or their daughter.
In court, we'd call this badgering a witness.

Randy: You know, in your world you’re more familiar with this. What are some of the warning signs that a parent would look for?

Per: The big warning signs of addiction are change in habit. You know, we like to look at grades. You know, you look at your son; he’s getting all B’s and then all of a sudden he goes to C minuses. Warning Signs!! And you know what? And I tell parents this all of the time. You can go to the local pharmacy, you know, and you can get a drug test. And you can drug test your kids. And a lot of parents are afraid.
So now we're supposed to subject our kids to home drug testing? And I thought home schooling was crazy!

Randy: What about prescription drugs? That’s a real problem too, right?

Per: Prescription drugs have raised 60% since 2006. I have been in the business long enough to know and everybody is getting them. It is not just you if you have a bad back, the doctor is prescribing it instead of “Let’s get your back healed. Let’s go to the chiropractor. Let’s go to the acupuncturist. Let’s do some stretching and exercising.” The first thing they do is they put you on pills.
This is the Scientologist in Per taking a peek through the crack in the door that is Richardville's brain. Pills = BAD! Stretching, exercising, chiropractor = GOOD! Wickstrom sounds like one of those stringy, free-range clerks at Lululemon!

Randy: Where do most of the kids start? Is it real early? Is it because of peer influence? What gets a lot of the kids started?

Per: This is a tough, a tough question. About 90% of our addicts, and we do full assessments on everybody, so I’m not talking off the cuff, this is actual. About 90% start with a beer and a joint. So 90% of the people start with those drugs. Am I for legalization of marijuana? Of course not. OK? I think alcohol is a worse drug personally than marijuana. That is my personal opinion because of what alcohol does to people. But, if we open the door, how easy is it for somebody to walk through? Should it be illegal? Yes, because it starts our kids on the wrong road and that’s what we are worried about.
So he's not talking off the cuff, but is Wickstrom speaking from another (ahem) area? If you go back before a beer and a joint, you had milk. So is milk a gateway drug?
Randy: Now, Let’s say that I’m a parent and I want to start a dialogue with a child. Do you have a way that you, you know you talk about a gateway into drugs or addiction? Is there a gateway into that dialogue? Like, is it maybe the parent says “there’s something that’s happened in my life.” Does that open the door to a conversation, or what’s the best way to start talking to a child?

Per: I like to find out what my son likes or what my daughter likes. If they are real football stars, I might find a football star who is a real leader and say “Hey, look at this guy’s career. Do you see any addictions during his career?” Or, somebody that is in your local circle that your son or daughter really has an influence, you know likes, like one of your friends comes over and he says “Hey Dad, that Joe guy is really cool.” So, hey if it comes to where you are uncomfortable, maybe you want to bring Joe over and Joe and you all can sit down and communicate, because the first step is “What’s going on? What can I help you with?”
Babble, babble, babble!
Randy: Hey, we put a lot on the schools, but it really starts at home, doesn’t it?

Per: It starts with the parents.

Randy: Per, thanks a lot for the work that you do.

Per: Randy, thanks for coming out. I appreciate it. And, if anybody needs help, again just give us a call. Best Drug Rehabilitation. We’ll help you any way we can. Thank you.

And what's Miss Fortune's favorite part of this video?

Less than three seconds in, Wickstrom mispronounces Richardville's name, calling him "Richards".

Queen Bey sang it best:
Say my name, say my name
If no one is around you, say, "Baby I love you".

Friday, November 15, 2013

FRENCHTOWN KISS: Per Wickstrom Tours Monroe County's Former "Boysville" Center. Is This The New Home of A Forever Recovery-Monroe County?

The Monroe News reported on Wednesday that Per Wickstrom is considering opening a clinic in Monroe County's Frenchtown Township. As your girl Miss Fortune reported on August 10, Wickstrom's expansion plans have only just begun to pick up steam...and it looks like this train just keeps a rollin'!

Wickstrom toured the vacant Boysville Center on Tuesday afternoon. The building, which for­merly housed young crimi­nal offenders and is owned by Catholic Charities of Monroe, is located in Frenchtown Township at 3500 Comboni Way.

The two- story facility sits on 56 acres and en­compasses more than 41,000 square feet of space, includ­ing a kitchen, sleeping quar­ters, gymnasium and class­rooms.

The asking price is $ 1.5 million, according to Joe Rosenberg of CBRE Realtors of Southfield, which is listing the property.

In the article, Wickstrom stated, “This would be a perfect affordable health- care fa­cility. I like it. I think we definitely can work with this.”

Moore,  Wickstrom, Demers
The idea to pitch the proj­ect to A Forever Recovery was developed by Monroe resident Sean Jordan, a West Point graduate and former NFL football player with the Dallas Cowboys. Jordan is Moore's busi­ness partner.

The two former players teamed with April Demers of the Monroe County Sub­stance Abuse Coalition to bring Mr. Wickstrom and his associates to tour Boysville. 
Ms. Demers said Harbor Light is the only in- patient, long- term rehab facility in Monroe County and another affordable facility is needed to help address the growing problem of heroin.

Ms. Demers could not hide her enthusiasm for the possibility of Boysville being converted into a rehabilitation center. 

“ I love it already,” she gushed, standing outside the building that is surrounded by mature hardwood trees and soccer fields. “ What a perfect therapeutic environment. We absolutely need something like this.”

The two former football players run a consulting firm — Tru Rehab Centers — that links businesses "willing to invest in areas that have substance abuse issues". 

We need help in Monroe,” Mr. Jordan said. “It seems like it would be a great fit.” Mr. Moore, 44, a record-setting receiver and four time Pro Bowl player who was with the Lions from 1991 to 2001, said he dedicated much of his time to helping Michigan’s young people overcome addiction. If the project at Boysville becomes a reality, Mr. Moore said he will commit to Monroe to offer whatever help he can. 

Monroe looks like the perfect playground for Wickstrom and his ballers. Ms. Demers said Monroe has the highest rate of heroin addiction per capita in Michigan. 

“ That is amazing considering the size of the community,” Mr. Moore said. The two football players said they can use their professional athletic histories to help reach out to addicted young adults. 

“ Kids gravitate to athletes,” Mr. Moore said. “It’s a way for us to get the message out.”

Although the Monroe News said Wickstrom was enthusiastic about the possibilities of establishing a facility in the community, he indicated much has to be accomplished before patients can begin treatment. Wickstrom said the building needs to be inspected before he can consider even making an offer. 

However, he and others who took the tour Tuesday were impressed with the condition even though it has been empty for two years or more.

Wickstrom said most of the repairs "appear cosmetic" and he is planning to pursue the possibility of moving forward, exclaiming, “It’s very close to being viable.”  

The Monroe News appeared to parrot Wickstromworld's party line, describing A Forever Recovery as using "a five- phase program to overcome addiction where patients can stay anywhere from 60 to 120 days. It can be a faith-based treatment program, but the degree of spirituality is up to the patient."

Wickstrom claimed in the article that he was "surprised at the scope of the heroin problem in Monroe and would like to offer his services if it can be arranged."

“It blows my mind that it’s such an epidemic,” Wickstrom said, barely able to conceal his glee. “ That’s why we need to open this facility.” 

Thursday, November 14, 2013



Miss Fortune hears that Battle Creek's crooked chiropractor, Robert Buckhannon, has rounded third and is headed for home.

Buckhannon is reportedly in the final stages of reopening the On Deck Sports Bar and Grill in Battle Creek.

So how can Buckhannon, who in September almost had the land contract on his 200 Wahwahtaysee Way home cancelled, come up with the scratch to put this deal together? Buckhannon's chiropractic clinic recently closed--he even let the clinic's domain name (www.drrobdc.com) expire on August 24.

Could Buckhannon be back with his former partner, Chris Paganes, to get this new deal off the ground?

Will there be more unhappy vendors and employees and will Buckhannon look for even more "investors"?

Stay tuned as Miss Fortune finds out...much more to come!

Monday, November 11, 2013

MEET THE NEW BOSS: SAME AS THE OLD BOSS? Per Wickstrom's 'A Forever Recovery' Scrapes The Bottom of The Barrel...AND KEEPS GOING! New AFR Director of Aftercare Is A Convicted Felon With Lengthy Financial Fraud Record; Replaces Former 'Life Solutions' Staffer Arrested For Public Intoxication

MDOC 434381-Marc Alan Wixson

About one month ago, Marc Wixson (left) became A Forever Recovery's new Director of Aftercare.

And do you think he was "hand selected" based on his experience and education to ensure, as A Forever Recovery promises, "clients the best possible chance in successfully fighting back against addiction?"

As the late, great Whitney Houston would say, hell to the no!

Wixson replaced former a Life Solutions staffer, Brandon Hettinger, who famously flamed out on October 5 in Hamilton County, Indiana and was arrested on two Class B public intoxication misdemeanor counts. Hamilton County court records show Hettinger's hired an attorney and is facing a January 16, 2014 bench trial.

Hettinger was ostensibly an Intake Specialist/Sales Representative for Life Solutions, a Wickstrom-owned shell company that handles sales for A Forever Recover and Best Drug Rehabilitation. It's long been Miss Fortune's hunch that "aftercare" really meant "let's turn them upside down, scare the shit out of them, shake their pockets and bring them back for a second (or third) round", and it looks like I may have finally found my proof.

In his "aftercare" role, Hettinger reportedly was calling family members of former AFR clients and suggesting their son or daughter had "relapsed" and needed to return to AFR for treatment. In addition, Hettinger also reportedly called former clients at their jobs during work hours, jeopardizing employment of those who chose not to disclose their health status to employers.

And what about this Marc Wixson? What exactly in his background makes him ready to handle AFR's so-called "high-touch" aftercare program?

Was he hitting the books...or did the books just hit him?


If a thirteen-year long criminal record, replete with financial fraud convictions, is the numero uno qualification for AFR's Director of Aftercare, Wixson's got game.

Wixson's official Michigan Department of Corrections record shows a rap sheet as long as a chimp's arm. Wixson, who's under supervision until November 17, 2016, is currently on probation for two felony financial fraud convictions. 

His MDOC record stretches back to 2000, starting with a Calhoun County conviction for credit card-related fraud. 

In 2011, Wixson copped a guilty plea in Eaton County and received probation on two additional felonies: conversion by false pretenses and credit card fraud.

Wixson's Michigan Department of Corrections record doesn't tell the whole picture--among the nearly 50 cases littered throughout Calhoun County's 10th District Court is an even more sordid, and disturbing, story.


On November 15, 2005 in Calhoun County, Wixson plead guilty to one count of embezzlement from "a vulnerable adult". 

The State of Michigan defines a "vulnerable adult" as:

An individual age 18 or over who. because of age, developmental disability, mental illness, or physical disability requires supervision or personal care or lacks the personal and social skills required to live independently. MCL 750.145m(u)

A person who is placed in an adult foster care family home or an adult foster care small group home pursuant to section 5(6) or (8) of 1973 PA 116, MCL722,115. MCL 400.703 Section

Vulnerable is defined as a condition in which an adult is unable to protect himself or herself from abuse, neglect or exploitation because of a mental or physical impairment or because of
advanced age. Section 11(f) Social Welfare Act, MCL 400:11.

In essence, Wixson plead guilty to using fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, or coercion to obtain a vulnerable adult’s money or property while consciously recognizing that person's vulnerability.

Wixson was fined, made restitution to his victim and served 99 days in the Calhoun County jail.

And that's the man Per Wickstrom has selected to put in charge of his A Forever Recovery "aftercare" program--a man who has a record of exploiting a vulnerable adult. 


While most employers work hard and conduct their due diligence so criminals like Wixson don't slip through the cracks, Per Wickstrom has clearly demonstrated a definite pattern for hiring criminals to work for him at A Forever Recovery and Best Drug Rehabilitation.

Although the U. S. Department of Labor's "Work Opportunity Tax Credit" program offers tax breaks to businesses that hire those recently released from prison, Miss Fortune wonders if the $2,400 potential tax break is really worth the liability.

Is this really what AFR is charging upwards of $30,000 for--rehabilitation surrounded by thugs and convicts?

From former Best Drug Rehabilitation Director of Security (and convicted felon) Brian Willis Harper, to current BDR Director of Security (and convicted drug trafficker) Duncan Martin and former Security Guard (and convicted bank robber) Clarence Hover, the worst of the worst walk the halls at Wickstrom-owned drug rehabilitation facilities.

And now you can add a new member to that conglomeration of convicts--Marc Alan Wixson, AFR's new Director of Aftercare.

Your girl Miss Fortune might ask Per Wickstrom if he had any shame...but why waste my time. I already know the answer.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Per Wickstrom's TIA Corporation Building $1.1 Million Dollar Home In Pennfield Township

After spending the last two years, and over one million dollars, quietly amassing over 200 acres of prime Pennfield Township property, Per Wickstrom's TIA Corporation will soon break ground on a new project--an 11,416 square foot house.

Miss Fortune has discovered that Pennfield Township issued a building permit on October 13, 2013 for the construction of a $1.1 million dollar home at 22072 Ten Mile Road.

The permit reveals that Wickstrom's new walkout home will have an attached four-car garage, five decks and three catwalks.

Looks to your girl Miss Fortune that Per Wickstrom's not worried at all about cash flow or any impending lawsuits.

Dude must have an enormous pair of crystal balls.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Miss Fortune Featured in Traverse City's "Northern Express"

Welcome Northern Express readers! 

And if you can't pick up a copy, here's a link to the story "Tales of Miss Fortune" that details the hunt for David Lee Hunter...and more.

If you have a story tip, send it to Miss Fortune at: tcmissfortune@yahoo.com.

Former A Forever Recovery Employee Michael Daunora BUSTED!: Arrested after Daytime Burglary; Homeowner Busted For Drug Dealing!

Daunora, courtesy of Porter County Jail

Former 'A Forever Recovery' Employee Arrested after Daytime Burglary in Valparaiso, Indiana

Dopiest burglar ever? Steals flatscreen TVs, but leaves behind $$$$ and 2.5 pounds of pot

Michael Daunora, last seen flexing his pecs in my July 20 post, Straight Outta Valparaiso, was arrested on October 17 in his hometown of Valparaiso, Indiana after a "daring" (police lingo for "absolutely stupid") daytime burglary at a drug dealer's home. 

It looks to your girl Miss Fortune that Per Wickstrom may want to revisit his HR policies and limit new hires to those who can count their sobriety in years...not minutes.  

And although Wickstrom claimed in a June 17 Wright Township Planning Commission meeting that "graduates of the rehab program must return to their community and remain sober for 90 days before they can apply to BDR for employment", that so-called "restriction" apparently doesn't apply to AFR and this clown. 

In addition, Wickstrom also asserted during the same meeting that while there could possibly be residents who are there in lieu of jail time "BDR does not knowingly accept court-ordered residents or sex offenders".

Michael Daunora's case appears to show those statements by Wickstrom were false and misleading.

According to his official Porter County Superior Court records, Daunora's March 28 sentencing order for a case that included possession of a controlled substance without a prescription (generic Xanax) stated he would be allowed to "travel to inpatient treatment". While in jail, Daunora completed a chemical dependency and addiction program offered to Porter County jail inmates by Valparaiso-based Porter Starke Services. 

On April 4, Daunora's travel permit was granted, and shortly after he entered A Forever Recovery in Battle Creek for inpatient treatment.

In May, Daunora's probation was officially transferred to Michigan. 

And on June 20, Daunora updated his Facebook page to reflect his status as an employee of A Forever Recovery.

I'm not a math major, but I don't count 90 days between April 4 and June 20, even though Daunora was likely at A Forever Recovery the entire time.

Did Daunora "remain sober for 90 days" before he began working at A Forever Recovery? The evidence I've uncovered in Daunora's official Porter County Superior Court records says no.

Now back to the crime...

Police were dispatched to a burglary in progress at 858 West Street in Valparaiso when Joshua Scott, the home’s owner, arrived shortly after 1 p.m. to find a woman sitting in a vehicle in his driveway. After a short conversation with the woman, Scott went inside and discovered his home had been burglarized.

Scott called police, who after arriving on scene, found two flat screen televisions in the backyard.
As police processed the burglary scene, they found drug paraphernalia and noticed “a strong odor of marijuana”, according to police reports. A search warrant was obtained and officers discovered over 2.5 pounds of marijuana in a plastic bucket and approximately $10,000 cash in a drawer.

Don't know about you, but Miss Fortune smells a Febreeze line extension in the works--"Ill-Gotten Gain"--to cover up the odor of dirty money!

The officers located Daunora and his alleged accomplice, Travis Talley. Both were arrested and charged with Burglary (B-Felony) and are currently being held at the Porter County Jail. Talley was further charged with possession of marijuana.

Joshua Scott was arrested on charges of Dealing Marijuana (D-Felony), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (A-Misd) and Maintaining a Common Nuisance (D-Felony).

No more limo days for you, Daunora!

By the way, here are the comments my July 20 story elicited. Nice to see how prescient your girl Miss Fortune actually was! 

How yah like me now?


  1. Was it hard to copy & paste a police report off a website? Based on your other "blogs", you seem to be real good at getting on Google & looking someone up, taking exact articles & posting them as your own. Your fucking with Copyright laws as far as posting pictures of someone without their permission. Maybe you should rethink your "blogging" hobby.
    Your really going to try and pick apart A Forever Recovery, their program, employees and past/present clients? A lot of their employees are former addicts and past clients. Would you believe or trust something that someone says to you unless they have experienced it directly?
    All women, this includes you Princess Fortune, are manipulating, lying & crazy over exaggerators. BUT if that is the truth, how does that effect you? How does ANY of this effect you?
    Your sorry ass clearly has never had to deal w/ addiction yourself or your family. I'm sure if this was your son or nephew, you would have some ridiculous way to justify it.
    His physique has changed drastically. It's funny what getting clean & doing work can do for ya. Maybe you should look into a gym membership.
    A Forever Recovery's success rate is higher than your IQ.
    So for anyone that IS interested, check out the success rate & Moral Reconation Therapy.
    I doubt your pathetic blog is doing anything for anyone. The only thing people are seeing is how you obviously have some issues that need to be addressed. Michael Daunora has taken the responsibility to get help, got his act together, & is showing others that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE!
    The common saying applies here -- Don't judge, until you have walked in their shoes.


    1. It's not illegal to use photographs taken off of Facebook. Check your facts before you babble. I can understand AFR using past clients. However, he's not had enough time to prove himself to be truly recovered. His last arrest was 10/12. How can anyone (with a brain) think that he's proven himself to be capable of working with and for addicts? It hasn't even been a year. And, if these are the photos that were available on facebook, he is clearly not mature enough to be working in an environment where maturity is a prerequisite. Regarding your other comments, I don't know what AFR's success rate is, but I did call the MI AG and there were 27 complaints to their office. There are also many "Rip Off" reports regarding this facility. "Success rate"(s) are very easily manipulated. I've found that out myself when my nephew regressed and they tried to manipulate his admittance to make it more favorable to their statistics. "How does ANY of this effect you?" Really???? This affects all of us. How can you be so selfish to think that what goes on anywhere in this country doesn't affect us all. If this treatment center is not doing it's job, then they are taking advantage of our most vulnerable citizens and profiting off of them. You must be numbed by the bad behavior that you are surrounded by. It's because of people like this blogger that are calling attention to the misdeeds of some that are helping us to maintain standards which enable us to get the proper help for our loved ones. We are eternally grateful to anyone that takes the time to help others when they need it most.
    2. Thank you for your comment. Miss Fortune hopes your nephew is doing well.

      If you have any additional information, please email me directly at: tcmissfortune@yahoo.com
  2. Thank you for your comments.

    Looks like "Knox Chick" may be a pseudonym--go figure!

    What tipped Miss Fortune to her decision? This misogynist sentence may have been my first clue: "All women, this includes you Princess Fortune, are manipulating, lying & crazy over exaggerators."

    [Note to self: must dig out Three Stooges DVD collection and watch the "Woman Haters" short.]

    The "success rate"? Even Per Wickstrom's own PR artfully sidesteps the success rate claim at A Forever Recovery, often quoted verbally to prospective patients by Life Solutions Inc.'s "non-biased referral counselors" at 70 percent:

    The A Forever Recovery program is an open-ended drug and alcohol treatment program that gets clients off to a great start and gives them a solid foundation in recovery they can believe in. Not every treatment methodology works for every client. Some people are very receptive to 12-step principles, whereas others are more comfortable with faith-based treatment. Cognitive approaches have excellent success, whereas others thrive within a more holistic approach. A Forever Recovery allows clients to choose from a wide range of recovery methodologies, coupled with Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT), to achieve success rates unmatched in the addiction treatment industry. The bottom line is that there is no single therapeutic approach to recovery that works for everyone… until now

    A success rate higher than Miss Fortune's IQ? How can that be, when my most recent IQ test score was a shining 123?

    And "Knox Chick" closes with a common saying: "Don't judge, until you have walked in their shoes".

    Back at you, Knoxie!

    Here's an uncommon saying from Miss Fortune to you: "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity."

  3. Pseudonym is right Miss Fortune <---

    The only thing that is "shining" about you, or this blog, is humility brought upon yourself.

    Back at me - There was no judging involved on my part. Stating facts, yes.

    "Only two things are infinite, the universe & human stupidity" isn't uncommon. Human stupidity will be around forever, you are living proof of that.

    Enjoy watching Three Stooges alone : )


    1. Well, I guess you schooled me but good.

      Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!
  4. Miss Fortune, please check out his latest profile photo. It's even more dramatic than those the last one you posted.


    1. Thank you for the heads-up, Karen. I've added it to the story.