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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

COURT APPROVES SALE OF ANOTHER BAY CITY/STEVEN INGERSOLL PROPERTY: $2,000 From Sale Proceeds To Go Toward Ingersoll's "Medical Expenses".

Although a government summary substantiated he'd received $627,624.14 (and counting!) from Mark Noss/Full Spectrum and the Grand Traverse Academy between April 2014 and March 2016, (including $67,500 in just the last six months), Steven Ingersoll received court approval yesterday to sell 1022 N. Birney (above) — and direct $2,000 from the sale proceeds toward his "medical expenses".

On September 30, 2015, Judge Thomas L. Ludington issued an order prohibiting Steven Ingersoll from disposing of his properties without permission of the court. 

The May 2, 2016 order directs the proceeds of the sale ($57,800) to be used as follows: 

1) Pay the costs of the sale;

2) Pay off the property taxes owed; 

3) Pay attorney Jan Geht's Traverse City-based law firm (Bowerman, Bowden, Ford, Clulo & Luyt, P.C., which has a secured interest in the property) the remaining balance owed at the closing; 

4) Pay Ingersoll $2,000 for medical expenses; 

5) Pay half (50%) of the remaining balance into the IOLTA for Geht's firm. (IOLTA, Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts, generate funds that are used to support legal aid, legal education and the provision of civil legal services to indigent people via the interest earned on certain lawyer trust accounts.) Unless there's an additional court order, the proceeds may only be used for legal expenses incurred by Geht's firm in the course of representing Steven Ingersoll in his criminal case.

Additionally, the order stated that none of the funds may be withdrawn from the IOLTA without a court order. 

On a quarterly basis, Geht's firm is required to provide an accounting of the use of the funds held on behalf of Steven Ingersoll. 

At the end of the direct appeal in this case, or if Bowerman's obligation to represent Steven Ingersoll is terminated for any reason, the firm was directed to provide a final accounting of the funds to the government and the court within 14 days.

6) Pay the other half of the remaining balance to the Bay County Treasurer for delinquent property taxes for Ingersoll-owned properties located at 1514 Center Avenue (his personal residence) and 900 5th Street (the Webster House B&B); 

7) Provide the government with a copy of the final closing papers. 

Wait, the Webster House? That sounds familiar...oh, I remember now!

Bay City's Webster House was one of seven properties securing the $250,000 "future advance mortgage" extended to Ingersoll by attorney Jan Geht on February 10, 2015...just as his jury was being selected.

And the Webster House played a starring role in Grand Traverse Academy board president/loan broker Brad Habermehl's scandalous "my friend and colleague" Steven Ingersoll $300,000 money grubbing email revelations.



  1. I just hope that the feds get all of this wrapped up into a nice conspiracy ball, they certainly have a lot of proof. And anyone involved no matter how small a part you play should be prosecuted and fined. This is a huge misappropriation of funds and needs to be hammered down. You let one of them go, then it will all just ramp up again and the taxpayers and government will be fighting the same battle. Keep a close eye on every one of them they will try anything to produce personal wealth.