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Monday, May 23, 2016

ADJUSTING THE FONT SIZE ON QUICKBOOKS REPORTS: Turns Out Grand Traverse Academy Financial Fine Print Doesn't Have To Be A “Standing Joke”!

During her January 7, 2016 Ingersoll sentencing hearing testimony, former Grand Traverse Academy superintendent (and longtime Smart Schools, Inc./GTAS, LLC apparatchik) Kaye Mentley made light of the QuickBooks-generated budget summaries provided by Steven Ingersoll.

Terming the mouse type-laden reports “fine print that was kind of a standing joke at the board meetings is all of us were reaching for our glasses and trying to read”, Mentley appeared to accept the fiction there was no alternative to the itty-bitty numbers.

But what if there was an alternative? (Kind of makes you wonder why none of these geniuses figured that out!).

Turns out, there are easily three ways to modify QuickBooks reports and print them in a larger, easier to read font.

Once your report is on the screen, click the Modify button at the top left. This opens the Modify Report screen. Click the Fonts & Numbers tab.

Click the Change Font button. Note that Column Labels is highlighted by default. You will later have a choice of making the change for only Column Labels (or for any other selection in this list), or for all related fonts.

Change to the font style and size you'd like. In this example, 10 pt. type is selected.

A dialog box asks if you want to change all related fonts. Answer Yes if you want all fonts of a similar style changed. Say No if you only want the fonts for the Column Labels (or any other selection from this list) changed. Click OK.

Now the entire report is in 10 pt. font, and much easier to read. 

It can be done!



  1. It's all bullshit. The invoices for GTA's Quality Care were done on Quickbooks. The font size was not small. Everyone knows that multi-million dollar organizations use more sophisticated accounting programs, not Quickbooks. Bottom Line: Steve used Quickbooks to muddy the waters and hide his tricks.

    1. Spoken like someone who knows what tricks were pulled by Steven Ingersoll, and are still being pulled by his buddy, Mark Noss.

    2. I am still blown away by the fact that the chartering university(LSSU) and the MDE are all part of this thievery that continues still today. Steve Ingersoll's cronies are running the show for him and nothing has changed they are still taking taxpayers money and pocketing it. When will this despicable representation of educating our children end? When will the government put an end to this and protect children? Please anyone if you have information get it to the feds, so this misuse of taxpayers money can be stopped and children get the money spent on children and teachers.
      Charter cheaters need their donkey butts in jail Pronto!