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Monday, May 2, 2016

CRAVEN INDIFFERENCE TO HUMAN LIFE-INGERSOLL CONTRACTOR ROY C. BRADLEY, SR. PROFILED: Detroit Free Press Reporter Jennifer Dixon Details Bradley's Pattern Of "Preying" On Vulnerable People, Exposing Them To Asbestos. (Tammy Bradley & Her Crew Are Still Cleaning The Bay City Academy!)

Roy C. Bradley, Sr.
“Bradley's crew included an ex-con, a drug addict, and at least six residents of the Good Samaritan Rescue Mission, located across a parking lot from the job site. At one point during the project — the renovation of a church for a charter school — a ceiling with asbestos rained down dust, thick as snow”.
Jennifer Dixon
Detroit Free Press
May 1, 2016

Jennifer Dixon revealed more stunning details in the sordid tale of Roy Bradley as part of an asbestos regulation series that appeared yesterday in the print edition of the Detroit Free Press.

Bradley's crew removed asbestos from the Bay City Academy's Madison Arts location (400 N. Madison Avenue). He was convicted in December 2014 on four counts related to illegal removal of asbestos. Bradley was sentenced in March 2015 to five years in federal prison, and is free on bond pending sentencing with tax fraud co-defendant, Steven Ingersoll.

So, with all this chazerai, can someone please explain why Brian Lynch and Mitten Educational Management maintain a cleaning contract for the Bay City Academy with Roy Bradley's wife, Tammy?

I'm listening...


  1. And don't we know who controlled every aspect of the construction, Steve Ingersoll. There was not one aspect of the whole construction project that Ingersoll was not in on. He oversaw and gave his consent to every detail. Why didn't he get caught on this. Oh right, because they were paying people off and keeping some hidden from the feds so that they couldn't testify. If any of them did testify they were completely compromised by Steve and his magic money pot.

  2. There's definitely no remorse from any of them... a real man would admit his wrongs and take his punishment...
    They would almost have been home by now, it doesn't matter how much money you have prison is prison!
    They think they have the game they haven't seen games...
    All the money on attorneys they could have did the job right Ingersoll could have paid his taxes.
    Believe me Judgement Day is coming...