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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

MARK NOSS HAD THE GOODS ON STEVEN INGERSOLL IN 2013...AND COVERED IT UP! Where Is The Mainstream, Local Media Coverage Of This Multi-Million Dollar Scandal?

If the Traverse City Record-Eagle Sporting is looking for news on the Grand Traverse Academy board's blooming financial fiasco, here's a good start: a 15-page blow-by-blow account of a May 20, 2013 board meeting.


  1. Of course he knew and hid it up! Ingersoll and Noss have been in on the IVL scam and money laundering for years! Hell, I'd be confident in saying they most likely began to formulate their scam in college together. Lynch has got some catch up to get to Ingersoll and Noss, but he's well in his way up the "ladder of greedy bastards" as well.

    The ironic things about money scams is that there is always a transaction footprint. The government is already on these greedy egotistical asses. It's just a matter of time Noss and Lynch.

    It is absolutely absurd that the Traverse City news stations are choosing to ignore this story! Come on people! Get on board with Miss Fortune!

    The Detroit Free Press did an interesting article on Bradley and the types of ex-cons he and Ingersoll would hire.

    At least Ingersoll hired someone. Lynch just sits on his ass in his million dollar house and thinks of ways to get richer while not running any of his schools right. What a discrace they all are.

    1. For your information the type of ex-con he hired... is who brought this whole case together for the feds.
      It's important that people that worked on that job have families and loved ones to no different than you!!!

    2. So true!

      In my opinion, the point of the Detroit Free Press story was the cynical indifference Ingersoll (who as named in court documents as an "unindicted co-conspirator") and Bradley displayed in taking advantage of people they assumed would not complain.

      Trolling for employees at a homeless shelter, while taking millions for himself, Bradley was just following the Ingersoll playbook.

      If Ingersoll and Bradley were this callous with the asbestos workers hired, you can only imagine how they feel about the children semi-filling the Bay City Academy's doomed classrooms.

      And yet, the Michigan Department of Education effectively bailed out Ingersoll, and will be handing over nearly $16.5 million dollars to Brian Lynch and Mitten Educational Management co-owner, CPA Michael Randel.


    3. I totally agree. Those employed were only trying to earn money for themselves and their families. It should also be pointed out that Ingersoll through Bradley paid people in cash "under the table" for many of his projects through out Bay City, not just the school. On many occasions Ingersoll could be seen on his bike (like the plantation owner on horseback) watching the progress of his so called revitalizations.

  2. Don't rock the boat baby don't tip the boat over
    No news is good news.

    Remember this is Traverse City they don't want no stinkin bad news
    So they will hide it.
    Too bad because I think what the people in TC really want is to be informed and to make choices because they have all text facts. So what are you going to do Record Eagle...progressive community and informed or uninformed community and complaicent.