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Monday, May 2, 2016


If a raccoon crawled under your house (into your Michigan basement) and died, you can't tell me you wouldn't notice the smell. You can try to cover up the smell and ignore it, even as you become accustomed to the increasing odor.

Just a few months ago, during a December 17, 2015 meeting, Mark Noss professed to the Grand Traverse Academy board that he had "no business relationship" with Steven Ingersoll.

Guess he forgot about that $5,000 he'd paid Ingersoll two days before. 

I don't know about you, but if I'm not "in business" with someone, it's unlikely I'll be slipping thousands of dollars into his bank account!


  1. This just keeps getting better and better. These cowards think that they're invisible until the truth keeps leaking out from various sources.

    All the comments and reporting from Miss Fortune are showing the true colors of these rejects and their lies.

    Brian Lynch outa be ashamed of who he has become. His desire to be like his father in law Mark Noss has completely corrupted his sense of morality between right and wrong. His tunnel vision has gotten so strong that all he cares about is dollar signs and pleasing Noss.

    Or maybe I could be wrong? Perhaps he was a soulless asshole to begin with? Perhaps he never had the word "no" said to him enough.

    Either way, Noss and Lynch are the exact opposite of what education and children need. I believe that Brian Lynch is also funneling money to the godfather through Noss as well.

    Lynch is an ignorant puppet in all this who thinks he's got what it takes. Let me assure you, he doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to running schools. He's already ran NCA and BCA into the ground and is just using kids to pay his absurd 20,000 per month management fee. What a bunch of shit.

    Just when these losers thought they had their system worked out, along come the Feds to send their asses away to prison.

    1. Jill...is that you?

    2. Jill, are you reading this at work again? Everyone that worked there thought that Brian would be better. He was an educator and he would understand better than Steve, it would be different, etc. He said all the right things...but he definitely showed his true colors over the years. Nope, pretty sure he was always a soulless asshole. Don't forget arrogant.

    3. Right Jill, if I were you, I would be getting a lawyer fast.

    4. Unscrupulous, calculating, money grubbing, not so much of an educator. He walkes the walk and talkes the talk, but there is no authenticity in what he says. Just someone working the system to keep the taxpayers money flowing and his lifestyle going. He is no innocent pawn, just one of the players.

  2. I agree with you on all of those accounts and the more people express themselves and blow the damn whistle, then finally these guys can be taken care of properly and put behind bars. Brian Lynch might be a puppet, but he knows full well what he is doing and can't get out of it that easily. He made a choice to lay in this big corrupt bed. The state of Michigan and LSSU need to close the schools down and truthfully, LSSU should probably have their chartering license taken away. Everything will come out, because this is way bigger than anyone expected. If you are one of the innocent ones, I would get a lawyer and get out. But for the die hards that stay in the upper positions, it pretty much tells us you have a part in all of this too. I think there are quite a few people that have been corrupted, feel they have to keep the facade going, but watch out because these walls are tumbling down and don't get caught under the rubble. Seems like the big guys always place the blame on the underlies, just like the asbestos trial, it was done under Ingersoll's orders, no one else's and he didn't get caught.

  3. It is not just Ingersoll who is corrupt, anyone that went along with the plan is guilty too. Promises made of wealth and power that is greed. There are many individuals that are in on the game and yes they may plead to get a lesser sentence but they are part of why this corruption continues. Obviously, Steve Ingersoll, Deborah Ingersoll, Mark Noss, Habermehl, Harger, Lynch, Gretchen Ingersoll, Bradleys, Craig Johnson and many more are at the root of this corruption. But all those other individuals that knew what was going on and didn't do anything about it are guilty too. You are the ones that better watch out because these guys are vicious and there is no telling what they might try to do to you. They are trying to saves their lives and keep their corporate welfare going at all cost. You are dealing with some pretty shady characters.

  4. I believe that Brian Lynch may play dumb on a lot of this, but behind the scenes, he's an arrogant crook who knows exactly what he is doing.

    I have been to NCA recently for a school event and I can assure you, nothing is being done to improve that school. The teachers look pissed off and exhausted and the conditions that these kids have to attend school in is sickening.

    After reading an earlier post on the bathrooms, leaking roof, curtains on stall walls, and broken doors, it's all true. Out of all the times I have been to NCA to watch my nephew, I have never seen Brian Lynch.

    I am not impressed with Brian Lynch and there is no way this man knows what the hell he's doing. This is completely not fair to the students and teachers.

    A lot of parents at NCA are getting fed up with Lynch and their pulling the kids out. I can't blame them one bit. If it wasn't for people informing me about this blog, I would have never known how corrupt and aweful this situation was.

    Thank you to you Miss Fortune for being truthful and inspiring others to speak out about Brian Lynch.