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Friday, May 20, 2016

“TO THE EXTENT POSSIBLE” Feckless MDE Pussyfoots, Grants Absolution (And Money Pipeline) To Scandal-Soaked Bay City Academy

The Michigan Department of Education officially blessed the Bay City Academy's deficit elimination plan in a May 17 letter (shown below). 

According to the Bay City Academy's 2014/2015 financial report, the charter school founded and formerly managed by convicted felon Steven Ingersoll incurred a significant operating deficit in 2015, resulting in a cash flow shortage — as of June 30, 2015, the Academy's current liabilities exceeded its current assets by $1,374,477. 

In a March 9, 2016 quarterly school district deficit report to the Michigan legislature, the MDE stated it “needed assurance that the academy has severed all ties with the prior company.”

However, it appears the MDE has considerably softened its stance, stating in the May 17 letter that “we accept the assurance in the letter from the Bay City Academy that the academy has, to the extent possible, severed ties with Smart Schools, Inc.” 


  1. What a shame MDE. Now we understand what kind of loyalties you have and your underhanded favoritism of charter schools blatant bending of all rules. The MDE needs to have a teardown of it's department heads. Obviously, you don't give a damn about children and the future of education!

  2. I just wanna know how the MDE so easily bends the rules for this school district that is full of crooks, theives, liars, drug users and creepy people. I guess all the rules get to be broken for these guys. Obviously, they are paying off a lot of people. Look DiSessa says that no one associated with Ingersoll, yet Ingersoll personally put Brian Lynch into play when he knew he was in trouble. Brian Lynch is the son in law of Mark Noss, who has been in on the crooked affair since the beginning. Are you guys from the MDE stupid or are you just looking the other way? It is about time to get these charter school lovers out of office. They are ruining our public school with their terrible sloppy decision making.