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Monday, May 2, 2016

MISS FORTUNE GOES TO THE SOURCE: Inquiry Sent To Grand Traverse Academy's Superintendent, Board and Lake Superior State University Charter School Office.

If a raccoon crawled under your house (into your Michigan basement) and died, you can't tell me you wouldn't notice the smell. You can try to cover up the smell and ignore it, even as you become accustomed to the increasing odor.

But a visitor to your home will notice the smell immediately, and you'll be forced to confront that now-desiccated raccoon carcass.

The excerpt above is from an email I sent yesterday morning, seeking comment regarding the latest revelation (revealed in an April 29th government financial summary) in the blooming Grand Traverse Academy board financial scandal.

The meter's still running, but at last accounting, the government substantiated $627,624.14 gushing from Mark Noss/Full Spectrum Management and the Grand Traverse Academy to Steven Ingersoll between April 8, 2014 and March 1, 2016 — and counting.

Here's one from my list of questions:

Stay tuned for any updates!

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