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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

ROBERT BUCKHANNON'S MOVING TO ECUADOR: Oh Come On! What About The On Deck Arson Investigation, And His Federal Hedge Fund Trial? Now That He Has Money, He's No Longer A Flight Risk?

The second installment of an exclusive report, only from Miss Fortune. (Read Part 1 at this link.)

All the details, including the multiple warnings the feds ignored!

“The Robert Buckhannon Foundation has made strides in clearing his name and highlighting his positive community outreach programs. Dr. Rob has been publicizing his previously undisclosed works of charity and good will that he's engaged in for the last three decades. This has put him in touch with such icons as the Pope and Mother Theresa (sic).”

That crazy bit of drivel, still lurking out there on the interwebs, was part of Robert Buckhannon's early effort to repair his reputation in the months after his October 1, 2014 arrest by a posse of FBI agents in the middle of a Henderson, NV Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf shop.

It didn't work.

In the ensuing months, I've kept digging, uncovering more of Buckhannon's secrets, including his hush-hush clinical laboratory business with Zia Shlaimoun. 

And I've secretly kept the prosecutor who'll be trying Buckhannon (if he ever goes to trial!) updated on my discoveries.

Yup, I've committed a journalism cardinal sin: I didn't just report the news, I've helped make its. 

So sue me! 

On September 22nd, I sent the following email to AUSA Kathryn Newman:

As a follow-up to my earlier emails regarding Robert Buckhannon (and the doubts I've expressed about the validity of his "employment" with Clinical Testing Corp), I recently discovered a California bankruptcy case and Buckhannon's involvement with the debtor, Advanced Biomedical, Inc. and its CEO, Cyrus Karimi. 

In my opinion, the documents bolster my contention that Buckhannon has violated the terms of his pretrial release. 

On August 22, 2016, Zia Shlaimoun and Robert Buckhannon submitted declarations on behalf of an alleged, California-based Goldstar Laboratories LLC/Advanced Biomedical, Inc. (dba Pathology Laboratory Services) seven-figure testing lab acquisition. An attorney representing Advanced Biomedical, Inc. filed evidentiary objections on August 31, 2016 to the Shlaimoun/Buckhannon declarations, detailing doubts about duo and the credibility of their declarations. 

A judge is expected to rule on the Shlaimoun/Buckhannon declarations during a hearing scheduled on September 28, 2016. On the eve of AB’s hearing for the Second Amended Disclosure Statement, Buckhannon and Shlaimoun emerge to allege that AB owes Goldstar Laboratories money. (Goldstar Laboratories LLC is not registered with the California Secretary of State to transact business in California, an apparent fraud by Buckhannon and Shlaimoun.) 

Attached are the following case-related documents: 
8.17.16 Status, Cyrus Karimi declaration 
8.22.16 Robert Buckhannon declaration 
8.22.16 Zia Shlaimoun declaration 
8.31.16 Debtor's Objections to Buckhannon declaration 
8.31.16 Debtor's Objections to Shlaimoun declaration 
8.31.16 Dixon Gardner AB Opposition declaration 
8.31.16 Cyrus Karimi Opposition declaration 

I expect that you'll investigate this matter. I mean, what else would you do with this information? 

So what happened?

Not much, unless you count this two line response:
“Thank you. I’m passing this information onto the appropriate investigative agencies for further review.”

In other words, I'm chucking this into the trash.

Three days before my email to Newman, on September 19th, Robert Buckhannon booked his reservation with American Airlines to fly from Miami down to Ecuador on October 26th. 

Somewhere between September 19th and October 7th, Buckhannon's politically-connected attorney, Michael V. Cristalli, managed to gain the approval of both AUSA Kathryn Newman and Pretrial Officer Kamuela Kapanui for his client's jaunt down to Ecuador.

However, at the time of Buckhannon's arraignment in 2014, Newman argued that Buckhannon “was a flight risk, with relatives and co-conspirators living outside the United States.” She noted then that Buckhannon was the target of an arson investigation stemming from a suspicious December 30, 2013 fire at a bar he owned in Battle Creek.

So what's changed since then? Other than this blog digging up proof of Buckhannon's continuing business relationship with fellow fraudster, Zia Shlaimoun, not much! 

All sarcasm aside, Zia Shlaimoun isn't the only Arcanum/Vestium hedge fund associate linked to Buckhannon's Medicare fraud scheme clinical testing lab company: Michigan native Chris Paganes, permanently barred by the SEC from association with any broker, dealer or investment adviser, joined him in the toxicology testing game, the latest hotspot of laboratory scams. 

Paganes was briefly involved with Clinical Testing Corp during its start-up days in early 2015 before launching his own company, Cambridge Health and Medical Sales, LLC, on August 27, 2015. (More about him later!)

In the face of this information avalanche, the government instead knuckled under to the “crooked chiropractor” and believed his laughable “I’m flying to Ecuador to celebrate my mother’s 75th birthday”— even though his mother's actual birth date is October 26th, the day he flies out of Miami.

Wonder if his mother has a ticket? 


  1. Moving or Fleeing? Better call Stacy Keach so he can start the story!

  2. Any updates? Did he return to the US?

    1. Nothing on PACER.gov, the federal court website, indicates that he did not return.

      Also, that doesn't mean he did.