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Sunday, October 9, 2016

COUNTING THE LIES, PART DEUX: (Because SOMEONE Needs To Keep Reminding You Of All The Bullshit!)

Even more bullshit, disseminated by Mark Noss (formerly the longtime board president of the Grand Traverse Academy, Noss is now the clown running the entire circus) the first of two sworn affidavits filed in the Steven Ingersoll fraud case.

In Part Deux of this series (in case you missed Part 1, read it at this link), I'm revealing more of the “white guy” lies, misstatements, fibs, cock-and-bull stories, fish tales, tall tales, whoppers found in the September 10, 2015 affidavit.

Fix your gaze on Point 3:

In July 2012, upon my telephonic query, GTA’s auditor, Tony Henning, indicated that GTA’s accounting methodology of booking rebated management fees and lease amounts as related party receivables was proper and acceptable. 

Oooh, really? 

In his grand jury testimony, Henning painted a radically different picture of what the board knew and when its members knew it, including president Mark Noss. 

On June 19, 2013, Henning testified before the grand jury empaneled to review Steven Ingersoll's criminal complaint and determine whether he should be charged. 

Henning was questioned by Assistant U. S. Attorney Janet Parker and members of the grand jury. Henning's wide-ranging testimony included this snippet, focusing on the board's awareness (or lack) of Steven Ingersoll's multi-million dollar debt: 

GRAND JUROR: Was the board surprised that the school, that this entity Steve Ingersoll, Smart Schools, was the board surprised that he owed them $3 million? 

HENNING: Yes they were. 

GRAND JUROR: And as the auditor hired by – 

HENNING: The board. 

GRAND JUROR: -- the board don’t you think, were you marginally embarrassed that they were surprised? 

HENNING: Of course I am, of course. 


HENNING: I have nothing to hide, ma’am, but yes I regret not asking more about that. 

Q: The board’s reaction collectively and individually was one of concern rather than we knew this all along? 

A: Yes. 

Q: And did that include the president of the board, Mr. Noss? 

A: Yes. 

Okay, I'll translate: Henning claimed that Noss and the board were completely in the dark about Ingersoll's financial rampage, in direct opposition to the assertion by Noss that everybody knew and everything was cool.

It's unclear from Henning's testimony the meeting date he's referring to, but an in-depth review of the Grand Traverse Academy's board meeting minutes produced the November 2, 2012 report revealing Henning was in attendance. The minutes show the 2012 audit was discussed, just not what was said. 

More from Henning's grand jury testimony:

Even more from Henning, where he explains that Ingersoll created the prepaid/accounts receivable to disguise the diversion of millions of dollars from the Grand Traverse Academy. Henning states Ingersoll “prepaid himself management fees he should not have”:




  1. After reading all of these recent blog posts, how is it that these losers are not in jail? Will someone please tell me how Mark Noss and Brian Lynch aren't seeing the same fate as Ingersoll?

    Truthfully, I find the timeline of these events to work in their favor constantly! It just so happens that Noss remains on the board while cooking up his next multi-million dollar scam business. It also just so happens that Noss can use his own construction company to build an addition to GTA, in which he will charge GTA an obscene amount of money to lease, for his own benefit.

    There was a comment on another post about this Brian Lynch idiot. It's disgusting that this clown is going to run a school into the ground and bail with large sums of money in his own pockets while students attending his schools receive no quality education because he constantly screws his staff over. Either the teachers need to get the hell out of there or lynch needs to realize that he is doing more harm than good for education and leave. My worst fear is that scam artists and liers like Noss and lynch will never leave. They will continue to leech onto the back of education and ruin a lot of people's lives because of their greed and lies.

  2. I have to agree with you, both Noss and Lynch are running the same scam and paying Ingersoll to boot. The fact that all of them are not in jail is ridiculous. When will something be done? Seems the newspapers and radio stations all write false narratives on the truth of what these guys are really doing. Which goes to show you they are bought and paid for, just like the board members and the administrator's of Grand Traverse Academy.

  3. You do realize that Mr Lynch is married to Noss's daughter right...?