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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

IS STEVEN INGERSOLL'S BAY CITY ACADEMY TEETERING ON THE BRINK OF FINANCIAL COLLAPSE? 2016/2017 Revenue Plunges; Falls 16 Percent Short Of Projection From Tottering Charter School's Approved Deficit Elimination Plan!

BREAKING NEWS! Back on February 8, 2016, I asked this question about Steven Ingersoll’s Bay City Academy: why should Michigan taxpayers pour $16.5 million more dollars, beginning July 2016 and continuing through June 2020, into this rat hole of fraud? 

After dodging a massive $1.3 million-dollar budget hole for months, the faltering charter school’s board finally approved a five-year deficit elimination plan on January 21, 2016. 

And while the school’s five-year plan was described by its board president Craig Johnston, a boyhood friend and longtime business associate of convicted felon Ingersoll, as “not unsurmountable by a long shot”, that five-year term is not a given—except as Steven Ingersoll’s maximum federal sentence. 

According to the Michigan Department of Education's September 7, 2016 “Quarterly Report to the Legislature on Deficit Districts”, issued by Superintendent Brian Whiston, the Bay City Academy was identified as a district that would end the year with a reduced deficit.

However, that designation was prepared with data as of August 30, 2016, and the Michigan Department of Education's October 20, 2016 State Aid Financial Status Report paints a much bleaker financial picture.

While the Bay City Academy's approved deficit elimination plan projected 422 students district-wide, the October 20 State Aid report is based on 398 students.  The deficit plan projected $3,578,417 revenue for the 2016/17 school year, but the current year calculation is now 16% less at $3,005,866. (Student population numbers are based on headcount data collected during the week of September 12, 2016 and reported to the State of Michigan on September 23.)

Stated as a percentage of revenues, the Bay City Academy's deficit increased from -29.81% to -35.49%.

Put into historical context (shown below), that doesn't bode well for the future of Steven Ingersoll's “Ponzi” Academy. (According to Michigan Department of Education guidelines, the Bay City Academy is required to submit a deficit elimination plan revision reflecting the sinking population.)

June 2014 Fund Balance: $31,187 
June 2015 Fund Balance: ($1,359,477) 
Projected June 2016 Fund Balance: ($1,066,843) 
% Deficit is of Revenues: -29.81% 

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  1. Thank you for the information and the links, I read every story! Sounds like you are correct a Ponzi scheme that Steve Ingersoll has created, placed his buddies in charge to run it for him, while he plans his next dirty scheme while behind bars. Obviously, the money is flowing for all his goones and himself. Where are the people in these towns and why are they not stopping this.