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Sunday, October 23, 2016

ZIA SHLAIMOUN'S A DEADBEAT: Goldstar Laboratories Booted Out of Ballwin, Missouri Location After Stiffing Landlord. Did Shlaimoun & Goldstar's Director Of New Business Development, Ecuador-Bound Robert Buckhannon, Commit Perjury In August 22, 2016 Declaration?

Here's a finance tip from two of Miss Fortune's favorite “Golden Boys”, fraudsters Zia Shlaimoun and Robert Buckhannon: save lots of money by not paying your bills.

I mean, if I'd stiffed all my creditors, I could be acquiring Time Warner instead of AT&T! 

And Buckhannon still owes the SEC nearly $1.5 million and no one's after him. In fact, the feds are letting this con man fly off to Ecuador in just three days!

On May 25, 2016, an attorney for Jan Properties, Goldstar's landlord at its former Ballwin, MO office, filed a petition for “rent and possession” of the Sovereign Court location. 

After ducking three hearings, a default judgment was entered against Goldstar on June 22, ordering Shlaimoun and Buckhannon's lab to vacate.

The judgment (shown above) does not include the delinquent rent owed.

So can someone please tell me how these two con artists will come up with millions to buy a California lab from Advanced Biomedical, via a non-existent corporate entity?

I'm waiting...


  1. It's just Dr. Dipshit (doesn't even qualify for the term Dr.) again committing financial crimes across our country where ever he goes somebody ends up getting stiffed. I'm confident the FBI is watching his every move and just waiting to clamp down on this scumbag. He will be arrested either leaving the USA or most likely when he tries to re-enter. His days are numbered. He will attempt to flee guaranteed.

    1. I agree with your characterization of Buckhannon (AKA "Dr. Dipshit"), but disagree with your contention that the FBI is watching his every move.

      After sending two extensively detailed emails regarding Buckhannon and his faux piddle testing company/insurance fraud scam/phony job Clinical Testing Corp to the AUSA prosecuting him, I was told she'd forward the information to the appropriate agency.

      But she expressed no resistance to his shady request to leave the country for a trip down to Ecuador, where he has a brother and may even own property or have money stashed.

      In addition to Zia Shlaimoun, Buchkhannon's doing business with another hedge fund associate--Michigan-based Chris Paganes. After launching his own "Clinical Testing Corp" front company in 2015, he recently began operating under the name "Cambridge Health and Medical Sales" (http://www.cambridgehms.com/).

      In addition, Paganes teamed up with attorney Craig Aronoff, who registered the Cambridge site on August 24, 2015. Aronoff also registered the entity in Michigan, along with Valley View Staffing Services, a payroll service used by Paganes.

      But the feds know all of that, and still let Buckhannon leave the country.

      Oh, and he lied in 2015 about his Clinical Testing Corp job requiring him to travel the country, opening accounts and training salespeople.

      Another joke, which the feds also ignored.

      Sensing a pattern here?