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Monday, July 11, 2016


During this morning's session, Steven Ingersoll broke down on the stand and needed a time out in the kiss-and-cry (also known as the witness waiting room) after being questioned about...his numerous business entities, including multiple LLCs.

Although Ingersoll requested and was granted a 10-minute break by U. S. District Judge Thomas L. Ludington, Ingersoll didn't reappear until 35 minutes had ticked by.

Wondering what all the sobbing's about? 

Could there be a clue among this abbreviated list of Ingersoll's business entities: 

Steven J. Ingersoll, O.D., P.C. 

909 Sixth Street, LLC 
620 Grant Street, LLC 
616 Grant Street, LLC 
606 Grant Street, LLC  
1515 Sixth Street, LLC 

Banks Front Door LLC 
Bay City Academy 
Bay City Renaissance, LLC 

Carlisle House LLC (Deborah Ingersoll) 
C I Development, Inc. 
Cunningham’s, Inc. 

DMI Interiors, LLC 

Eddy House, LLC 
Excel Center of Grandville, L. L. C. 
Excel Institute 
Excel Institute, L. L. C. 
Excel Learning Center, Inc. 
Excel Management, Inc. 

Family Learning Centers, Inc. 
Farragut Schoolhouse, LLC 
Front Porch Renaissance Group, LLC 
Front Porch Renaissance Builders, LLC

Historic Arlington Hotel LLC 

Icon Learning Org 
Icon Learning, Inc. 

Ispecs Factory LLC 
Ispecs Online, LLC 
Integrated Visual Learning, Inc. (Delaware)
Integrated Visual Learning, Inc. (Michigan) 
IVL, Inc. 

Jefferson Block, LLC 

Keith House, LLC  

Lind Studio, LLC 

Madison Arts L. L. C. 

North Central Arts LLC 
Northern Educational Properties, LLC 
Northern Properties LLP 

Oddfellows, LLC 
Odd Fellows Hall, LLC 
Old Y, LLC 

Perry House, LLC 

Sanford Green House, LLC 
Smart Financial Services, Inc. 
Smart Schools Management, Inc. 
Smart Schools, Inc. 
Smart Schools Education, Inc. 
Smart Schools Foundation 
Smart Schools Management of Bay City, LLC 
Smart Schools Management, Inc 
Smart Schools North, LLC 
Swarts Tower, LLC 

Those Guys Consulting LLC 
Turner House LLC 

Vision Therapy Centers, Inc. 
Visual Learning, Inc. 

Webster House B&B, LLC 
Webster House of Bay City, L. L. C. (Deborah Ingersoll) 
Wolverine Arts LLC 
Wolverine Guild LLC


  1. That only works for girls hhah

  2. Omg-is he for real!?! Seriously, how can anyone not see that a an attempt to hide money!

    1. That's right....surprised there is not a Montana Reality Co LLC....from scareface

  3. Maybe he should have taken a few sniffs of IVL and then he could have resumed some state of composure and not taken 35 minutes (probably to think of what he would say next on the stand.. Maybe he needs some liquid IVL to inject? Especially when you think of all his LLCs and his liquidity?

  4. "....intercompany loans with 'seed money." Did he mean 'seedy' money and 'seedy' deals?

  5. As my dad would say, "If you're going to dance to the music, you must pay the fiddler." Time for Ingersoll to put on his big-boy pants and face the music.

    1. In Ingersoll's case, it's been the IVL Shuffle for too many years with him and his colleagues shuffling way too much taxpayer money around. But the time is ripe for a new dance: Justice Done or The Gray Bar Wiggle?

  6. I have never seen that man at a loss for words, stammer or confused by any statements. He is always collected and strong mentally and verbally, this is just an act for the judge. What a bunch of bull. He never thought he would get caught and even Mark Noss and Brian Lynch who are continuing in his exact footsteps think they won't get caught. This is the biggest abuse of the taxpayers money and the education of children I have ever seen. These schools are an abomination. Take him away. Take them all away! Help get these children's lives and their teachers lives back together! Stop the corporate welfare of Ingersoll, Noss, Lynch and entourage. Enough of this!

    1. I'm with you, haul them all to the Grey Bar Hotel and clean up this mess! We need to care about what is going on in our communities not just close a blind-eye that is how we got in this mess to begin with!

  7. There was a letter to the editor last week titled, "Time to Investigate" in the Traverse City Record Eagle. Thank you for being brave enough to write this great article' that gives unbiased information on GTA and the Ingersoll and Noss caper. There hasn't been much honest reporting, EXCEPT for Anita's investigative reporting based on actual facts that she has laboriously dug into. The Bay City Times doesn't think it is an important story, yet this is one of the BIGGEST CHARTER SCHOOL CORRUPTION EXAMPLES IN THE UNITED STATES.
    I think people better start reading up on these people and understand the real facts as to what these guys are doing. Save your community from these corporate welfare charter cheaters. If you have children in those schools get 'em out, if you work there do the decent thing and get out, do not let this go on anymore. Unless you like buying them huge homes and salaries and vacations. They are stealing from every tax payer, remember they get the same amount as all regular public schools but what they do with it...well here is a clear example of what they shouldn't be doing with it!

  8. You are right on!

  9. It's true. On January 27, 2016, Brian Lynch misrepresented his role at the Bay City Academy in a federal document, signing and submitting an appeal for a reimbursement deadline waiver to the Federal Communications Commission and purporting to be the 'Superintendent' of the charter school founded by convicted felon Steven Ingersoll.

    It did not appear on my blog, but on its Facebook page"


    1. Just doing what Ingersoll and Noss taught him to do, cut from the same cloth!

    2. How true. And always thinking they are all above the law. Lynch may very soon be sorry that he was following their lead and doing things the Ingersoll/Noss way... it may very well lead him to investigation, indictment, penalties and the "Gray Bar Hotel."