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Monday, December 28, 2015

WHEN IS A 'DEFICIT ELIMINATION PLAN' NOT A 'DEFICIT ELIMINATION PLAN'? (HINT: When It Doesn't Eliminate A Deficit!) BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD: Bay City Academy Meets December 23 Michigan Department of Education Deadline Extension, But Faltering Charter School's Plan Did Not Eliminate Its $1.3 Million Dollar Deficit! State Gives "School For Scandal" Another Crack At It!

According to a source in the Michigan Department of Education, the Bay City Academy met its December 23 deficit elimination plan deadline extension sort of.

The charter school founded by convicted felon Steven Ingersoll did submit a "Deficit Elimination Plan" on December 22. However, according to an MDE official, "the plan does not show the deficit eliminated."

Wait, wasn't that the whole point of the plan...to eliminate the school's $1.3 million dollar deficit over the next two years?

According to my source, the MDE has "requested that they submit another DEP that shows the deficit eliminated." The new deadline for submission is unclear, but I'll provide that date as soon as it's been determined.

This plan thing is not exactly rocket science, nor do you have to reinvent the wheel. On its website, the MDE explains that the "plan is an Excel spreadsheet composed of multiple, separate worksheets. The first worksheet is an instruction flowchart that will lead the user though the process of completing the plan."

So it's basically set up, you just need to "fill in the blanks"!

Geez, I'm beginning to think the Bay City Academy may not reopen in January. 

Hey, has anybody seen strange vehicles parked near the BCA after dark? 

If you do, call a cop!


  1. Why... what the heck...all they need to do to eliminate the deficit is to use Ingersoll's IVL curriculum! Don't you see?
    If they just loot another entity and give the money/fees to the BCA, they can eliminate that deficit in no time! Better yet, lower the rent fee to a fair rent fee that the school pays to Ingersoll and/or Chemical Bank, heck, you could save LOTS of money. Maybe the BCA, its management company and school board need a chemistry class: IVL + FRAUD + NEPOTISM/CRONNYISM should equal a way to dig themselves out somehow, don't you think? Or will it be an even bigger explosion?

  2. What a freakin mess! I guarantee that either a salary cut, benefits cut, or elimination of insurance for the staff will be in the discussion. Teachers and administrators are going to take the hit for this. Lynch is more than likely going to continue his salary for sure and not even think twice about the staff members he's screwing ten times over.

    Lynch's day of financial ruin will come soon.

    1. You're so right. Sad for the good staff. And wouldn't be surprized if enrollment sinks even further. Can't wait for the Noss/Lynch day of reckoning.

  3. It looks to me like the Michigan Education Department is doing a lot of favors for these guys and not really even looking at what is actually going on. They must be benefiting somehow, things don't just slide through unnoticed unless one of the big guys is benefiting. And as far as charter schools, I would be demanding the state to close these schools down they are making all the other school look suspect. You guys need to get in here too and stand up for the reputation of your own schools, demand that action be taken. Take the high road, quit hiding this information use it to your advantage to show what great schools you are running.
    As for Brian Lynch and Mark Noss they will get their day in court. These people are not educators they are scam artists. They don't give a damn about children or teachers they know their time is limited so they are stalling and keeping the money pit going so they can gleen every last dime out of a sinking ship. If I were working there I would leave that ship immediately and find some other employment. Time to stop them dead in their tracks. Life goes on and unless people don't start taking action they will keep pilfering money. It is definitely time for the feds and state to shut these schools down. Totally absurd that it hasn't happened yet.

  4. I completely agree with these posts. Lynch and Noss could give two (you know what's) about anyone else but themselves at the end.

    This is the beginning of the end for BCA. The IVL scam failed in the end, fraud has been brought to the publics attention, and the massive amounts of money pouring into these crooks hands for doing literally NOTHING for the betterment of children is about to dry out.

    As one individual said earlier, how can Lynch and Noss look at themselves in the mirror at the end of the day and truly feel they are making a difference?

    The six figure salaries, nice cars and fancy lifestyles while the children and staff struggle make me want to puke.

    It's time for change

  5. it is my understanding that Ingersoll started his first charter school when Grahamhom was governor.
    so I'm sure he is very connected indeed

  6. I can't wait until these idiots are behind bars. Lynch should be driving a Yugo by 2016. What a bunch of idiots running these schools.