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Friday, December 4, 2015

THE BEAT GOES ON: “Abusing A Position Of Trust” Testimony Will Continue When Ingersoll Sentencing Hearing Resumes December 8; Judge Ludington Orders Both Sides To File Supplemental Briefs

Former Grand Traverse Academy superintendent Kaye Mentley famously circled the wagons days after Steven Ingersoll's April 10, 2014 indictment, proclaiming in an email that “the charges have nothing to do with the Grand Traverse Academy”. Kaye must be kicking herself.

Along with Mark Noss, who dashed off a jittery email (undated, but later quoted by the Detroit Free Press in a February 8, 2015 article) reacting to Ingersoll’s revelation of his IRS criminal investigation: “We now know it is likely Steve is going to jail. They are getting him for tax evasion for the pre-pay that has sat on GTA’s books they are now claiming is income.”

Noss continued, concerned that the “media exposé will devastating to the school”, and advised the Grand Traverse Academy Board to “be proactive and put a new management company in place before the media gets ahold of it”. 

Ditto on the self-kick, right along with Kaye.

Late yesterday, U.S. District Judge Thomas L. Ludington issued an order directing the defense and prosecution teams in the Steven Ingersoll federal tax fraud case “to file supplemental briefs identifying any remaining witnesses they intend to call as to the first sentencing issue”. 

And by “first issue”, Ludington is referring to a potential sentence enhancement: whether Ingersoll should be assessed two additional guideline points for abusing a position of trust with Grand Traverse Academy. 

The order listed the following witnesses had already been called and testified during the sentencing hearing's first round in late October: (1) James Camiller (CPA); (2) Michael Pemberton (EPA); (3) Michael Wisniewski (IRS); (4) Gayle Ingersoll (Bro); (5) Bruce T. Harger (former LSSU Charter office); (6) Margo Abbott (Ingersoll retainer); and (8) Brad Habermehl (GTA Board President). 

When the hearing resumes December 8, three remaining issues will also be addressed:

(1) Proofs regarding the prosecution's contention that additional guideline points should be assessed for Steven Ingersoll’s leadership role in a criminal conspiracy

(2) Proofs regarding the assessment of Ingersoll’s tax loss from 2009 to 2011 to establish the correct base level offense

(3) Proofs regarding Ingersoll’s “financial solvency”

Ludington ordered both sides to identify any witnesses they intend to call as to each of the remaining three issues.

Watch this space to discover who may be called to testify in the case that has “nothing to do with the Grand Traverse Academy”.



  1. Nothing to do with Grand Traverse Academy, yet everything to do with it. This is where Ingersoll established his pattern of mismanagement. I can do the same at Bay City Academy, all with the help of my good buddies on both boards, Lake Superior State University, Mr. Noss and Mr. Lynch, Mr. Habermehl, accountants, lawyers all of them. We can bamboozle the taxpayers, children and government again. Isn't this just a swell way to screw them all and make a bundle of money.

    1. Mr. Ingersoll didn't 'mismanage'; he purposely planned and executed all these financial schemes. Once he found he could manipulate everything at the GTA (with his cronnies and a stacked board and some stacked personnel), he found it easy to continue the same M.O. in Bay City. Thank goodness he wasn't/isn't able to have his "IVL" curriculum and alledged successes implemented nationally. He stated that his school and curriculum would become a national 'model'; for what... fraud, abuse, nepotism, cronnyism, deception?

  2. He established his pattern before GTA. According to a teacher who worked for him in Brighton 20 years ago, he was shuffling money around between LLC bank accounts back then.

  3. What I find truly interesting is the need to make as much money as possible from children.......each child is a freakin dollar sign to these people.....

    People like those listed above and Ingersol were never in the business of education in the first place. All they want is financial personal self gain.......that's it.

    Six figure salaries off of tax payer dollars to manage 1-3 buildings at most? Superintendents of large public school districts don't even make much more than 150k give or take and the majority of the time, they are individuals with lifelong careers in education......not optometrists who developed a Ponzi schemes like IVL and stated that they cured 90 plus percent of patients with ADHD.

    It's all about money to these people....that's it...period.

    1. Children don't vote, but teachers do, and being part of a union, tend to vote Democratic Party. That is the real reason to destroy education and demonize teachers.