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Monday, December 28, 2015

A SNAPSHOT OF STEVE: What He Said...Really!

"That's my decision. It's not your place to tell me how to spend my dollar. If you want to make a penalty...I guess you can do that, but I wonder about the wisdom of laying out an atmosphere that treats a guy like me with that attitude." 
April 15, 2013
Bay City Commission meeting

On May 20, 2013, Ingersoll asked that his estimated $3.5 million dollar debt to the Grand Traverse Academy be considered a "loan".


  1. If anyone has an attitude, it's Ingersoll. The City Commission was simply and politely doing its job when it told him they were concerned about his back taxes. Maybe chiropratic at the prison will 'adjust' his attitude some?

    1. Oops... meant to write 'chiropractic' but then maybe wasn't far off from the truth with 'rat' in the 'chiropratic'?

    2. With that nice big red nose of his, maybe he could substitute for Rudolph? Or is it a good color for the Feds to spot him so quickly? But he should be used to it as his businesses having been sending up red flags for a long time.

      "Stevie, the red-nosed conman,
      Had a very shinny nose;
      Now that we see it on him,
      We can say it really glows.

      All of the other conmen
      Looked to him and called him 'king'
      Couldn't make moves without him,
      He was leader of the ring.

      Then one foggy winter night,
      Financial schemes all around;
      Stevie, with your nose so bright,
      Won't you defraud everyone in sight?

      Then all good people loved it,
      When the Feds caught him with glee,
      Stevie, the red-nosed conman,
      You'll go down in history!"