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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

GOT FRAUD? Indicted Hedge Fund Fraudster Robert Buckhannon Has A Delaware Corporation! And Just What The Hell Is Phoenician Medical LLC, Anyway?

Just two weeks away from celebrating the second anniversary of the suspicious fire that destroyed Battle Creek's On Deck Sports Bar, a joint he ran with girlfriend Kelly Demoss, Miss Fortune has discovered Robert Buckhannon may be celebrating something 
else his shiny, new secret Delaware corporation. 

Secret? Whoops, I guess it's not secret anymore!

Delaware is one of the easiest places in the world to set up an untraceable shell company. It takes less identifying information to set up a company than it does to obtain a driver’s license or register to vote. And these anonymous companies can be used to launder money into the banking system and hurt everyday people.  

Delaware shell companies have been implicated in numerous domestic and international laundering cases, including those involving drug trafficking and fraud. For instance, Viktor Bout, the infamous Russian arms dealer arrested in 2008, was found to have used two Delaware paper companies to camouflage his operations. Jack Abramoff, the former lobbyist who was convicted of corruption in 2006, likewise used the Delaware system to hide millions of dollars. Other such cases have involved everything from foreign drug smuggling to schemes to defraud Medicare.

And that brings us back around to Battle Creek's
“crooked chiropractor”, Robert Buckhannon. Under federal indictment for his role in a $34 million dollar hedge fund fraud (and facing trial in October 2016), Buckhannon secretly launched his new venture, Phoenician Medical LLC, barely a month after his mug was shot in Allegan County.

And here's the best part: Buckhannon's registered his Delaware corporation as a Florida Foreign Limited Liability Corporation, with the assistance of a Vero Beach realtor!

Yeah, it just gets better and better...Buckhannon runs his 'company' out of the same office as his supposed employer, Clinical Testing Corp!

Sure must be awful crowded.

I hope the feds are watching this jackass. Something tells me he's up to no good.

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  1. And to think the Feds have 'only' 750,000 plus pages of discoveries on him! Wow... I wonder how much this crook has and will continute to cost the U.S. taxpayer. Sad. Can't wait for his trial and sentencing (scheduled to start trial next October, right?).