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Monday, December 7, 2015

PUTTING THE “SCREW” IN SCRUTINY: Bay City Academy Called On The Carpet By Michigan Department Of Education; EduSheriff Brian Whiston Wants To Know “How Did The Ball Get Dropped?”

The Detroit Free Press reports that Brian Whiston, the Michigan Department of Education's Superintendent of Public Instruction, has called in representatives of the Bay City Academy to explain the withering charter school's massive deficit.

According to the Free Press, Whiston “is particularly concerned about four districts and charters”: Garden City Public Schools, South Lake Schools in St. Clair Shores, Beecher Community Schools — and the Bay City Academy.

The Michigan Department of Education's December 2015 Quarterly District Deficit Report confirms that while the Bay City Academy reported a General Fund Balance of $19,743 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013 and a balance of $31,187 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2014, the charter school ended its most recent fiscal year (ending June 30, 2015) with a $1,359,477 deficit.

As a percentage of revenues for the most recent fiscal year ($3,724.629), the Bay City Academy deficit was 36.50%.

Oooh, my head is spinning like a dreidel right now!

Under Michigan state law, the Board of Directors has ultimate oversight responsibility for the school district's operations.

For complete background on the the Bay City Academy's demise-inducing deficit (which broke on this blog back in October), read Miss Fortune's extensive coverage here, here, here...and here!

Read the entire Detroit Free Press story at this link


  1. "Recently, the owner of the management company for Bay City Academy, Dr. Steve Ingersoll was indicted on a series of charges centered around allegations of misappropriation of funds. This is Dr. Ingersoll's personal affair. We believe him, as he maintains innocence, and wish him well with his legal proceedings. However, the sole concern of the BCA board is how this impacts our school and the education of the children."

    Craig Johnston, Bay City Academy Board President, April 2014

    Guess someone did indeed 'drop the ball'!

    1. Why then the BCA board allow the full payment up front (July, 2014?), instead of prorating the monthly rents? Sounds like the board is not during its fiduciary duties and is selectively 'helping' Mr. Ingersoll in his financial and legal concerns (woes).

    2. Good question! Miss Fortune recommends posing that query to Craig Johnston, the BCA Board President.

    3. Oops....typo in the prior question. Meant to write
      'doing' instead of 'during. I'm sure Mr. Johnston is reading this and can provide an answer for all of us here. And another error looking back: Should have written "Why then did the BCA board"...Sorry about that... from the Grammar Police.

    4. Well, Mr. Johnston, here's your cue to answer the question about how the BCA board was irresponsible in giving Mr. Ingersoll all that money in advance? And that's not counting all the other financial and personnel irregularities, and nepotism/cronnyism that went on, and seemingly with lack of proper board oversight and no due diligence of public monies. Were you and the rest of the board taking classes/seminars from the Grand Traverse Academy Board, or did you learn this financial technique and all the other negligences all by yourselves?

    5. Yep! And the BCA board did lack following due diligence and to use Mr. Johnston's words does indeed "impact(s)the education of our (your) school and the education of the children." It impacts your school by not having enough textbooks, technology, adequate learning tools, etc." And especially since these are public dollars that the school is using (oops! I mean misusing and abusing!) When teachers and staff have to buy materials and supplies the school should normally supply, something is wrong. But then again, the BCA is not normal, is it?

    6. Looks like Mr. Johnson really means how all the Ingersoll mess affects new dollars coming in, not the "education of our children." If you really believe in Mr. Ingersoll, most people would think you'd be further ahead and better off if you believed in the Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy.