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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Miss Fortune Blows The Whistle....AGAIN!

Over the last few months, I've learned that it's a crock of shit to pretend that once you've decided to write about something, you aren't a part of it -- in some way.

And since the bombshell Brad Habermehl dropped during his December 8 testimony at Steven Ingersoll's ongoing sentencing hearing (as the sitting president of the Grand Traverse Academy Board of Directors, Habermehl covertly solicited a $300,000 investment for a "private school" on behalf of his "friend and colleague" Steven Ingersoll) has only been reported on this blog, I realized more action needed to be taken.

So, I nominated myself!

Just a few minutes ago, I sent an extensively detailed email to Assistant Attorney General Travis Comstock, the Michigan Department of Education's State Superintendent of Public Education, Brian Whiston, and Lake Superior State University's President, Thomas Pleger.

In the email, I outlined the revelations made by Grand Traverse Academy Board president Brad Habermehl during his time on the stand at Steven Ingersoll's sentencing hearing, and attached an excerpt of the official transcript of Habermehl's testimony.

I'll update with any new developments.


  1. We're so glad you nominated yourself, Miss Fortune! You're absolutely right - Ingersoll should have been Michigan's news story of the year. Will the media wake up and smell the coffee, and get going with this, even if late?

  2. Headline from a Mjive story posted today at 1:30 est: Bay City Academy Board Submits $1.3 Million Debt Plan, Despite Not Approving It
    It's the usual non-story.

    1. First, I thought it was a typo too, then, I thought, "Sweet".

  3. Waterman got scared with one little commenttold him he needs to look for another job.not one man in the whole bunch

    1. I don't think he got scared. I think he'll do his usual accuratereporting and brush off the comment.
      I think he has thick skin.

    2. life is hard... But its harder when you're stupid