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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

NEW FACEBOOK PAGE SPURRING LIVELY DISCUSSION: "NOT Grand Traverse Academy" Becoming Go-To Community For Steven Ingersoll Fraud Controversy

"Being a victim doesn't mean the school is a bad one. And siting [sic] the record eagle as source is not the best source to use."
NOT Grand Traverse Academy Facebook  page comment

As Euripides wrote twenty five hundred years ago: A man’s most valuable trait is a judicious sense of what not to believe. And it is a valuable trait to be able to tell what is the truth and what is not.

A newly-launched Facebook page, Not Grand Traverse Academy, jumped into the Steven Ingersoll controversy, focusing on the financial irregularities reported on this blog and the Traverse City Record-Eagle. Truth seekers of all stripes have joined the discussion, but some of them may have missed a crucial point: the near total lack of transparency by the Academy's board of directors.

Although Miss Fortune has no connection with the NGTA Facebook page, I approve of its message: encouraging the community to ask questions of its public officials—most notably, the Grand Traverse Academy's board of directors.

While some comments reveal an understandable desire to protect the Academy—its teachers, students, and hard-working staff—others belie the fact that the information revealed on this blog has come from public documents, including the Academy's financial audit reports.

For example, the June 2013 report stated the following: “Smart Schools Management, Inc.’s ability to prepay their fee and withhold payment of overpaid fees enables Smart Schools Management, Inc. to abuse their access to public funds.” 

 And I have a few questions of my own:

1)  How was it possible for nearly $2.4 million dollars to be "overpaid" by Steven Ingersoll from the Academy's bank accounts without anyone noticing or interceding?

2)  Did the Academy board, as required by the Michigan Department of Education, report Ingersoll's suspected fraud to the department's audit division?

3) How much money is Mark Noss's Full Spectrum Management being paid as a management fee?

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