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Sunday, May 4, 2014

NEPOTISM STRIKES AGAIN! Grand Traverse Academy Names Patrick Daly To Its Board Of Directors. Daly's Wife Former Grand Traverse Academy Teacher; Daly Close Friend Of Brian Lynch [AKA Mark Noss's Son-In-Law]

UPDATE: May 5-Miss Fortune has revised an earlier headline, which indicated Daly's wife was still teaching at the Grand Traverse Academy. Miss Fortune regrets the error.

Just when you thought this seamy, Ingersoll-scented "school for scoundrels" scandal couldn't get any better, it takes a quantum leap!

Damage control? Quel dommage

Making his debut at last Friday's Grand Traverse Academy board meeting is Patrick Daly (above). 

You might imagine that the storm swirling about the Academy might compel the school's administration to select new board members very carefully, ever mindful of even a whiff of suspicion.

If you thought that, you'd be wrong.

Daly's wife, Erica, is a former Grand Traverse Academy teacher. According to his LinkedIn profile, Daly has a Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Communications from Eastern Michigan University and works as an event marketing specialist.

And he is reportedly a very good friend of his wife's former co-worker, Brian Lynch.

Yes, that Brian Lynch: Mark Noss's son-in-law and the newly appointed Superintendent and President of Instructional Services at the Bay City Academy...replacing its founder, Steven J. Ingersoll.

At least Daly won't have to learn the Academy's secret handshake!

Now about that bro code, Patrick...


  1. I want to say, "You must be kidding me!" but sadly, I am sure you are not kidding. What will it take for this mess to get cleaned up for good?

  2. Miss Fortune-

    I quite admire your witty wordplay and your tenacity. Unfortunately your "investigative journalism" (ahemmm) is the stuff that unicorns are made of.

    True: I am friends with Mr. Lynch - as well as 1/3 of current and former GTA teachers. The MAIN reason I joined the Board was based upon my genuine respect and admiration for everyone of those hard working teachers and the impressive graduates they nurture from beginning to end. Have you seen the kids they teach? I mean really, Miss Fortune, have you ever been inside the school to meet some of those kids? Of course you have. Based upon your experience Friday, I'm sure you noticed the genuine energy, kindness, and overall positive attitude displayed by the students there.

    False: My wife Erica is not a current teacher there (hasn't taught there for 4 years - DOH, Miss Fortune penning an outright lie - no, say it isn't so). While the aforementioned alleged scandal you scribe upon (every single day) happened before my arrival, I understand your incessant need to manifest conspiracy angles. I mean, everyone loves a great conspiracy right? It must sell a lot of blog posts.....erg, wait a minute, you do this for free right? #blogthatpaysthebills?

    In the end, I'll probably have to leave the Board as I will not sit silently as my name is dragged into an imaginary conspiracy by a cowardly muckraker without a clue. I read in the Express that you refuse to reveal your identity because you have a family, and you'd fear for your safety. All the while, without proof or understanding, you throw names of our family members out there like it's just some more fodder for the "inquiring minds" that read this paranoid monologue you cal a blog.

    The real shame here, is that you're trying to sell a story that is simply untrue. As such, you imperil the reputation of the school which victimizes students & teachers alike. I cannot comment on anything related to SmartSchools - as I have no knowledge of anything related to SM - but I can attest to the virtue and ethical nature of the staff/board members I have worked with in one short month. You're steaming pile of "conspiracy" talk is substance-less garbage.

    I can just see you there, frothing at the mouth, thinking what you're doing is productive in some way shape or form.

    Feel free to contact me anytime, you should have my email (as you've trolled my Linked-in page). I welcome a discussion - but only as a human being. I have no interest in further satiating your need to remain as some self-perceived Edward Murrow unless there's a name attached to that handle.

    Spin away.................


    Patrick Daly

    *PS, I find it ultimately hypocritical (and admittedly chuckle-worthy) that you ask for users to associate their google account to post on here - you're an anonymous blogger, and you won't even allow for anonymous comments. Paranoid much?

    1. Miss Fortune has amended her report regarding Erica Daly's status as a "former teacher'.

    2. The "Google account" requirement is simply part of the standard comment form, established by Google. No black helicopters were harmed during the writing of this post.

    3. Patrick i love your response!! She is a coward , hiding behind her blog spewi g statements of half truths as if she knows all. Love people who try to drag down others and business/ schools all for the sake of ??? Wait she has no reason to. Point for Patrick , minus one nasty mean blogger!!

    4. Kristin, you may want to educate yourself on the Ingersoll/Grand Traverse Academy misappropriation of millions. This "nasty blogger" consistently broke massive news stories on this blog, including the revelation that Mark Noss had been paying Ingersoll thousands of dollars each month since Noss took over the GTA from Ingersoll: http://glisteningquiveringunderbelly.blogspot.com/2016/03/breaking-news-full-spectrum-managments.html

      I do question why you would, two years later, comment on Mr. Daly's fit of pique regarding a situation that ultimately drove him (wisely so, in retrospect) to resign from the GTA board.

      "Nasty, mean blogger"? Ooooh, I'm cringing.

  3. Wait, I am reading the amended version. I don't see any point or good journalism here. What did Patrick Daley say at the board meeting that has caused you to lash out at him? Correct me if I am wrong but you're entire "article" and "argument" is that, the newest board member is a man who "is reportedly a very good friend of his wife's former co-worker, Brian Lynch." You're telling us that this "alleged" friendship in the small town of Traverse City where 80% of all social beings know each other, is reason for you to lash out at GTA's newest board member! There are real things happening in Traverse City. Put down your Pinot and go research the prescription drug epidemic that starts in the doctors offices. There was great corruption at GTA but now I don't believe anything you've previously written. Facts and content matter. Get some.

  4. Whoa, just read Patrick Daley's response... He's a good journalist. You should turn over your blog to him.