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Monday, May 19, 2014


The overlapping double-bubble chart (Venn diagram to all you smarty-pants readers) that is the Grand Traverse Academy's Steve Ingersoll fraud scandal just got more complicated.

Miss Fortune has discovered yet another link between Ingersoll and Mark NossIcon Curriculum Mapping software.

Ingersoll created an educational model encompassing "visual learning and associated hierarchies of muscular and cognitive development". The model includes Integrated Visual Learning (IVL) and Icon Curriculum Mapping, which form the basis of charter schools in Michigan and California. Bay City Academy and Grand Traverse Academy here in Michigan and Great Valley Academy in Modesto, California, are based upon Ingersoll's educational model.

In the screen capture at left, Ingersoll demonstrates his "Icon Curriculum Mapping Software", currently in use the Grand Traverse Academy.

The cross-pollination between Ingersoll and Noss just went to another level. An offshoot of the Excel Institute's Icon Learning tutorial service was grafted onto the Smart Schools tree of knowledge and grew another branch
—called Icon Curriculum Mapping software.

And although the licensing fee is roughly $1,200 a year per school (payable to Steve Ingersoll's Smart Schools Management, Inc.), what's another few grand among friends?

And you thought a new broom would sweep clean? 

Not with a crew as incestuous as the Borgias!

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