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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

INGERSOLL FEDERAL BANK FRAUD TRIAL PROCESS GEARS UP: Initial Pre-Trial Conference Scheduled; Bradley Asbestos Removal Trial Gets Another Delay to Explore "Global Resolution Of All Charges"

BREAKING NEWS! Bradley gets more time to explore "global resolution"; signals a plea deal could be in the works

A pretrial conference notice filed this afternoon 
in U. S. District Court in the Eastern District of Northern Michigan confirms that an initial scheduling conference (for lead defendant Steven Ingersoll, his wife Deborah and co-defendants Gayle Ingersoll and Roy and Tammy Bradley) is on the calendar for Thursday, May 29 at 9:00am.

The conference call is expected to decide preliminary matters, such as evidentiary and witness testimony. Criminal pretrial conferences may also be used for discovery.

Roy Bradley's federal asbestos-related jury trial, scheduled to begin today after an April 29 postponement, has been delayed again--until August 19.

Court documents filed in the asbestos on May 20 indicate Bradley's attorney in that case stated that it was "in the best interest of Mr. Bradley that counsel on both cases confer to discuss defense strategies and explore the potential for a global resolution of all charges involving Roy Bradley". 

Given the timing of events, the volume of discovery, and the complexity of the fraud case, the documents state the "attorneys have not had an opportunity to confer". Bradley stated on the record that he is "willing to waive his right to a speedier trial" and to have his asbestos trial delayed until August 19, 2014.

Bradley asked that his original attorney, Andrew D. Concannon, be allowed to withdraw from the case, and the judge granted Conannon's oral motion to withdraw. 

The court appointed Elias J. Escobedo, Jr. of Waterford, Michigan, to represent Bradley in the asbestos case.

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