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Thursday, May 22, 2014

JUST SAYIN': Unanswered Questions-Part 1

You'll laugh.

You'll cry.  

You'll feel like you've been left alone in a room filling with some sort of gas that makes your brain feel all wibbly-wobbly.

You'll plotz from so much fun!

Let's get started.

Some people may feel they have all the answers, but not Miss Fortune!

Here's one question I'd love to have answered (Mr. Angrypants, are you listening?): how can it be that virtually no other news source has picked up the story of what could prove to be Michigan's largest charter school fraud?


A public school academy is a public trust, and that trust must be validated by openness (except of course where students’ right to privacy must be protected).  Information on finances, curriculum, assessment, teacher qualifications, program, student demographics, and other operational issues must be widely and publicly available.

This information about any school that receives public funds must not only be shared with the school community, but also with the public at large, and must always be subject to commentary


  1. I am interested in knowing your thoughts on this. Why is it that no one seems to care about this scandal?

    Front page headlines include the arrest of a natioanal news anchor, the murder of an actor's wife by her husband, and a a fraternity of ten members getting suspended for pouring hot sauce of a pledge's genitals. Yet, no media outlet is covering the GTA story.

    Somewhere along the line, our priorities were turned upside down.

    1. Beats me. Although I've spent time pondering that very question, it might be one to pose to the Record-Eagle's Executive Editor or the News Directors at surrounding TV stations. I'm getting more than a little tired of errant citizens mewling like kittens and being threatened by clown-show barristers ("Understand that our client will be filing a lawsuit against you, and your failure to waive personal service will be seen by the court as continued bad faith.") just because I revealed the awful truth.