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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

NATIONAL BANK OF STEVE? Ingersoll Loans California Charter School $300,000; Modesto's Great Valley Uses Ingersoll's Integrated Visual Learning Method; Ingersoll and Kaye Mentley Are Great Valley "Development Consultants"

Miss Fortune has learned that during the year Steven Ingersoll racked up nearly $29,000 in delinquent Bay City property taxes, he was still flush enough to loan $300,000 to a California charter school that retains him and Grand Traverse Academy Superintendent Kaye Mentley as "development consultants".

The loan was announced by the Great Valley Academy at its February 27, 2012 board meeting. The school, with locations in Modesto and Manteca, uses Ingersoll's Integrated Visual Learning process as its curriculum model. The school's founder, Dr. Eldon F. Rosenow, a retired optometrist, is also its Chief Administrative Officer.

In addition to her role as the Superintendent of the Grand Traverse Academy, Mentley runs KWM Educational Services, Inc. In her official Michigan business filings, Mentley describes the "general nature of the business" as "writing, publishing. distributing books and articles and training school personnel".

Detailed financial disclosure information regarding Great Valley Academy's "consulting" expenditures with Ingersoll and Mentley are likely available in the Academy's audit reports.  The school does not make the reports available on its website, but Miss Fortune has sent a Freedom of Information Act request to the California Department of Education requesting copies all of reports since 2008.

But isn't it ironic that Ingersoll "loaned" $300,000 to a charter school he was effectively in business with, but neglected to pay less than $30,000 in Bay City property taxes?


More to come on this issue, as soon as California responds to my FOIA.

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