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Monday, April 14, 2014

TEACHER TORMENT FOR FUN (AND PROFIT!): Eclectablog Reveals For-Profit Charter Organization Mosaica's Twisted Idea Of "Teacher Appreciation"; Humiliating Activities Compulsory

One of Miss Fortune's favorite news sites, the estimable Eclectablog, kicks off the week with revelations about for-profit "education management organization" Mosaica's upcoming "Teacher Appreciation Week".

And you vill participate!

In his post (Teacher Appreciation Week), Chris Savage reveals details about an upcoming fundraiser scheduled to be held May 2nd at the Arts and Technology Academy of Pontiac.

Among the highlights in the Eclectablog story:

"Michigan has nearly a quarter of the charter schools in the United States and roughly 80% of our charter schools are run by for-profit businesses like Mosaica. Most of these for-profit charters are taught by teachers who don’t enjoy the protection of a collective bargaining agreement so they are put into the position of having to participate in things like the Arts and Technology Academy of Pontiac’s “Teacher Humiliation Day”. It’s a repulsive demand that harms the teachers’ ability to establish their authority and have the respect that they deserve from their students, staff, and administrators. It undermines everything teachers are trying to do in this regard."

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