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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

SIZE MATTERS! Zia Shlaimoun's Versailles Investments April 8 Fraud Trial Continued By "Stipulation"; Resumes Next Week As "Short Cause"

The wormed turned yesterday for Zia Shlaimoun in Los Angeles Superior Court in Santa Monica, California.

Instead of the anticipated 14-day civil fraud trial presided over by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Allan J. Goodman, the action against Shlaimoun's Versailles Investments, LLC will proceed tomorrow morning (April 10) as a "short cause". 

[April 10 Update: This morning's event is a hearing and not the beginning of the trial. The civil fraud trial is expected to begin early next week, and Miss Fortune will have more details on the trial as soon as they are available.]

A "short cause" is defined as a lawsuit which is estimated by the parties (usually their attorneys) and the trial setting judge to take no more than one day. Thus, a short cause may be called on the "short cause" calendar and get priority on the calendar since it can be fitted into the court's schedule and will not tie up a courtroom for a long period. 

A flurry of documents filed with the court on April 8—including a brief filed by plaintiff Mining Technologies, International regarding the sufficiency of the Sudbury, Ontario-based company's complaint alleging a transfer of interest in real property (the Malibu home where Shlaimoun currently resides)—appear to have included sufficient facts to compel the agreement between attorneys for both parties to proceed with the fraud lawsuit as a short cause.

NOTE: While Zia Shlaimoun is a "non-party" in this case, Versailles Investments, LLC is a California shell corporation formed and controlled solely by Shlaimoun.

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