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Saturday, April 12, 2014

DAMAGE CONTROL! Grand Traverse Academy's Superintendent/Principal Kaye Mentley Circles The Wagons...In An Email (Where Is Duke Wayne When We Need Him?)


Grand Traverse Academy's Kaye Mentley, the school's Superintendent/Principal, has kicked off what may prove to be a long-running program of damage control regarding the fraud indictment of the "charter cheater", Steven J. Ingersoll.

Shown below, with my "Glistening, Quivering Underbelly" watermark, is an email Mentley sent to the GTA staff and leaked exclusively to Miss Fortune!


In the email, Mentley encourages the staff to keep in mind that the charges have "nothing to do with Grand Traverse Academy", while allowing that Steven Ingersoll and his Smart Schools Management are no longer affiliated with the GTA.

And in case anyone is reckless enough to form their own opinion on Ingersoll's "guilt or innocence", Mentley cautions her staff against that folly, saying "that is up to the court system".

Gee, I don't remember my school principal ever referring anyone to an attorney!

If you think it's hot now, Kaye, just wait until the "clawback" comes!

What clawback is that, Miss Fortune?

Well, Kaye, it's the "clawback" the Feds will employ to get back the money Ingersoll used from the Chemical Bank loan to pay back Grand Traverse Academy...for the $2.3 million in prepaid management fees his Smart Schools Management, Inc. owes GTA!

Fraud clawbacks occur when there is an attempt to retrieve, or “clawback” money that was attained through fraud. The intent of the clawback is to provide financial relief to victims of the fraud.

Read it and weep, Kaye, there's much more to come later.

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