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Friday, April 25, 2014

COMPLAINING, BLAMING & CRITICIZING: Kaye Mentley's Side Hustle & Flow

Kaye Mentley's no Grumpy Cat, but Grand Traverse Academy parents won't be happy either if they spot their child's face in this promotional video!

The Mentley video clip, posted on YouTube on January 15, 2013, highlights an online graduate course for teachers provided by Quality Educational Programs, Inc

Mentley talks about the importance of making sure parents know that their "children are safe, learning and loved at their school". 

She also gives suggestions for how to conduct successful parent-teacher conferences, cautioning against allowing "complaining, blaming and criticizing" to overtake those interactions.

The clip is from the video-based graduate course "Gaining Parental Support: Building Home-School Partnerships."

Looks like they forgot to include "commercially exploiting a child's image without permission" in the course syllabus!

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