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Monday, April 28, 2014

MEET MARK NOSS: "I Have A Vision"

Notice how the "controversy surrounding Steve Ingersoll" has been relegated to Bay City?

This broadcast email was sent just this afternoon, and Miss Fortune would love to read your comments.

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  1. Give me a BREAK! As Board President, Dr. Noss watched as his buddy, Steve Ingersol, allegedly steal $1.6 million from the students that Dr. Noss professes to want take care of.

    Dr. Noss continues to tout his wishes of providing efficiency and seamlessness. The school has been more than efficient as it has been providing excellent education during this financial crisis. Interestingly, Dr. Noss' goals do not include transparency nor fiscal responsibility.

    Where were the members of the Board when it was time to review the financial reports? Were they incapable of reading them? Were they asleep? My guess is they just did not bother read the report. A commoner can peruse the financial report and see that the school had been placed in a poor fiscal state.

    There is no doubt that the Board was negligent in its fiduciary responsibility.

    GTA standards include providing a quality environment comprised of people with strong moral character. Students are evaluated each quarter on moral principles. The Board needs to be evaluated on those same principles. Their report card would be filled with N's, the equivalent of F's.

    GTA Board needs to be cleaned out. Period. Their action or inaction can not be tolerated. The school needs to rid itself of any one affiliated with Dr. Ingersoll, his optometrist buddies or any one who looked the other way, knew or should have known about this mess.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I would suggest that a forensic audit of the Grand Traverse Academy's finances--the pre-payment by Ingersoll happened because he had the ability to transfer funds from the Academy to Smart Schools' bank account himself--and that participants in the Smart Schools 401(K) check their statements to make sure deposits are made in a "timely manner."

  3. As a former teacher at BCA I have a lot to say on everything you're writing about. You are so right on point with everything you're saying. I would love to chat with you!

  4. Please send me an email at: tcmissfortune@yahoo.com