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Monday, April 21, 2014

BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO: Ties Still Bind Steve Ingersoll's Smart Schools Management To Grand Traverse Academy

Although Kaye Mentley, Superintendent/Principal of the Grand Traverse Academy, has stated publicly that the Academy dropped Steve Ingersoll and his Smart Schools Management, Inc. last month prior to Ingersoll's April 9 federal indictment, Miss Fortune has discovered there are notable exceptions.


Kaye Mentley's carefully vetted statements explaining that the Academy "dropped the management company last month and now is being operated by Full Spectrum Management" appear to have omitted significant details.

On its before/after school quality care page, the Grand Traverse Academy explains that "Quality Care is a privately run daycare, licensed by the State of Michigan, which utilizes the philosophy and practices of Grand Traverse Academy."

And while Quality Care is licensed by the State of Michigan, it's "privately run" by Steve Ingersoll's Smart Schools Management, Inc. (A thorough examination of the license history reveals it's current, with no violations.)


In addition, GTAS, LLC (another Ingersoll-controlled corporation) has provided  the Academy with "janitorial services" during the last fiscal year, receiving payments totaling nearly $250,000.

And finally, because the teaching staff is employed by Smart Schools and leased to the Academy, it's unlikely that relationship has been completely "unwound".

Coming tomorrow, I review and respond to Kaye Mentley's recent post:

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