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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Part 2-Do The "Wright" Thing: More On Per Wickstrom And His (So Far Unsuccessful) Bid To Open Best Choice Rehabilitation in Marne. And Miss Fortune Uses The "N" Word!

Could you say "no!" to Per Wickstrom? Wright Township just did, joining Petoskey, Pennfield Township and Bridgewater Township in doing the "Wright" thing by denying requests made in Michigan by TIA Corporation to open or expand a Wickstrom drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility.

The Wright Township Planning Commission held a meeting on June 17 to review a Special Land Use (SLU) permit application made by Per Wickstrom on behalf of his proposed Best Choice Rehabilitation location, 15140 16th Avenue in Marne, Michigan.

In denying Wickstrom’s request after reviewing “findings of fact” during its July 15 meeting, the Planning Commission's official minutes stated the facility was “in conflict with the character of the community”. In addition, the Planning Commission determined that the special use permit requested was "not consistent with the Township’s Master Plan".

Wickstrom’s attorneys have filed a complaint in Ottawa County Circuit court, seeking to overturn Wright Township’s decision. Wickstrom’s claim disputes an interpretation made in May by the Wright Township Zoning Administrator, who determined that the intended use was subject to special land use approval and referred the request to the Planning Commission.

In Part 2 of my exclusive report, Miss Fortune digs deep and comes up with some truffles...and some nuts!


After the Planning Commission completed its discussion with Per Wickstrom and his representatives, the Commission invited questions and comments from the approximately 35 Wright Township residents in attendance.Wickstrom addressed comments that had been made by the public and the Commission. 

He stated that security was a main focus and the facility "would not affect property values." A woman who accompanied Wickstrom, described in the official minutes as "Battle Creek realtor, Marcia Magera", stated that she was not aware of a decline in property values. Wickstrom stated that BDR would do whatever the Commission required for fencing and stated he was "willing to have quarterly meetings to discuss concerns."

Marcia Magiera is a Battle Creek realtor, but she's also a corporate officer in one of Per Wickstrom's many companies...My Best Drug Rehabilitation, Inc. As you can see at left, Magiera is shown in the official State of Nevada corporation list as Treasurer.

Marcia is two, two, two shills in one! 

Whether she's a breath mint or a candy mint (as the old Certs commercials wondered), she definitely served her purpose during the meeting.

When asked whether BDR had a religious affiliation, Wickstrom replied that "BDR is non-denominational". And when a Planning Commission member referred to controversies regarding Narconon, Wickstrom stated that "Narconon is not affiliated with BDR."

But on January 18, 2013, Best Drug Rehabilitation was singing from another page in the hymnal, as you can clearly see in the screen capture below. The page is an excerpt from a cached version of BDR's Treatment Program/Communication subpage:

Under the page subhead "Communicate, Confront, and Control: Classes During a Treatment Program", BDR explains what a patient can expect:

At Best Drug Rehabilitation, program participants practice a series of different drills to hone their communication skills. These drills include being present with a problem, speaking face-to-face with another person, managing an emotionally charged conversation, and acknowledging another while speaking. By practicing communication drills, program participants learn how to have meaningful, two-way conversations.

The page continues with "Let Best Drug Rehabilitation Help Today":

Communicating problems and speaking to others is key to overcoming the issues that underlie drug addiction. By learning effective communication skills, individuals can confront and take control over their internal problems. Rather than escaping with drugs and alcohol, communication classes help individuals be present to a problem, constructively address the issue, and effectively find a solution through positive communication. If you or a loved one is struggling with the pains of addiction please contact Best Drug Rehabilitation today, we can help! 

And at the bottom of the page, the Narconon "Jumping Man" logo:

Wait a minute! Didn't Per Wickstrom just tell the residents of Wright Township that Narconon is not affiliated with BDR

Miss Fortune called in experts from the Law & Order Special Subtext Unit who told her that Wickstrom didn't say that BDR was not affiliated with Narconon. And even though those "training routines" are straight outta Narconon, Per Wickstrom told us Narconon was not affiliated with BDR...right?

Subtext, people, subtext...it's everything!

And while we're on the subtext...I mean subject...of Narconon, we might as well swing that big Scientology stick around and see what it hits. Oh look, it's Per and Svetlana!

At left is Per Wickstrom, with his wife Svetlana and a trophy that looks like it belongs in a beery bowling alley.

The picture appeared in the November 2012 issue of IMPACT Magazine, published by the International Association of Scientologists (IAS).  An event is held annually at one of L. Ron Hubbard's "heritage sites", Saint Hill Manor in West Sussex, England, to honor notable Scientologists. The IAS awarded Wickstrom its "Gold Meritorius" award in recognition of the massive wad of money he forked over to the Church of Scientology--reportedly one million dollars.

The caption accompanying the photo described the pair:  
Per and Svetlana Wickstrom are based in Michigan where they are Humanitarians of the forthcoming Battle Creek Ideal Org, while as Midwestern pioneers of Narconon, they've brought more than ten thousand back from the brink with LRH Tech.

I think we can safely state that Per Wickstrom remains affiliated with Narconon and Scientology.

Well, it looks like your girl Miss Fortune has enough stuff left for Part 3!

Come back on Wednesday to see how this story ends...if it does!

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