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Friday, October 18, 2013

COMING MONDAY, OCTOBER 21: Do The "Wright" Thing: Per Wickstrom's New NarcoNOT Clinic Stalled; Attorney Files Suit Against Wright Township


Per Wickstrom's expansion into Marne, Michigan has hit a wall.

In a public hearing held June 17, the Wright Township Planning Commission denied Wickstrom's Special Land Use request for a 
permit under Section 1003(d) of the Wright Township Zoning Ordinance to operate a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility on the property located at 15140 16th Ave., Marne, which is located in the Community Commercial zoning district. 

The property was previously used as a senior citizens’ assisted living facility and BDR believed that the proposed use would satisfy the special land use requirements in the Zoning Ordinance. 

Wright Township's Planning Commission did not agree and denied Wickstrom's request, leaving the project in limbo as the issues get addressed in a case Wickstrom's legal pigeons filed in Ottawa County Circuit Court.
While Wickstrom and his representatives, including attorney Tom King, referred to the new facility as "Best Drug Rehabilitation", it appears that Wickstrom has already named the facility Best Choice Rehabilitation

An exclusive series about the Marne developments begins Monday, October 21!

In the meantime, here are two previous stories about Best Choice Rehabilitation's expansion in Marne:



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