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Monday, October 14, 2013

Best Drug Rehabilitation Video Star: When Is An Addiction Counselor NOT An Addiction Counselor? (And What Exactly Is A "Regiment", Anyway?)

Per Wickstrom's Best Drug Rehabilitation recent press release promoting its "Understanding Addiction" series is like a bad PR dickey--a false front designed to conceal a dirty neck.

The release, issued October 8, commits the fauxist of pas right in the first graph (that's paragraph, Per):

Best Drug Rehabilitation, a leading treatment facility that implements structured and planned regiment of care that is geared to the personalized needs of each client, has launched a powerful new video that highlights the facility’s groundbreaking 6-week “Understanding Addictions” series.

OK, I seen a bunch of Duke Wayne movies but have never heard of a "planned regiment" of care. 

Oh, wait, it's a mistake! In my career, I've written scads of press releases so that makes me an expert. In this expert's opinion, this one was written by a dunce.

But let's get back to the video's star, Elaine Martin.

In the release, Martin is described as an "Addictions Counselor", but the super on the video describes her as a "Group Facilitator".

Although everybody from the White House to the local PTA has a "group facilitator", there's no way to research credentials for that title. 

But addictions counselor is another story.

Your girl Miss Fortune busily searched Michigan's various licensed health professional databases, and came up snake eyes.

In addition, no one with the name "Elaine Martin" is listed in the Michigan Certification Board for Addiction Professionals (MCBAP) database.

So who is Elaine Martin and how exactly is she qualified to help clients "retrain their brains"? 

Damned if I know.

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