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Monday, October 21, 2013

Is NOTHING Sacred!? Per Wickstrom Aiming A Forever Recovery's Rusty Dart At Military Veterans!

As we get closer to November 11, Veterans Day, it's time for your girl Miss Fortune to reveal the latest marketing scheme from Wickstromland's dream factory.

Per Wickstrom's A Forever Recovery recently launched a new "portal" to help Veterans and their families win the “battle at home” against addiction. 

Wickstrom explained the effort in a September 17 press release issued by his sister, Pamela Anderson:

Since 2001, approximately 2.5 million members of our military have been deployed into combat zones, and many more Veterans still live with the after-effects of conflicts in Vietnam and Korea. The physical and mental trauma that these brave men and women have endured – and continue to experience -- is a major reason for the overall increase in substance abuse among Veterans

Given our expertise in the field of addiction treatment, we felt that it was our moral responsibility to create a portal that offered clear, accessible and objective information and resources. It’s just one of the ways that we can honor and respect those are put their life on the line in combat zones far away – and now need our help more than ever to win the 'battle at home'.

Here's how AFR describes itself in the release:

A Forever Recovery program is an open-ended drug and alcohol treatment program that gets clients off to a great start and gives them a solid foundation in recovery they can believe in. Not every treatment methodology works for every client. Some people are very receptive to 12-step principles, whereas others are more comfortable with faith-based treatment. Cognitive approaches have excellent success, whereas others thrive within a more holistic approach. A Forever Recovery allows clients to choose from a wide range of recovery methodologies, coupled with Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT), to achieve success rates unmatched in the addiction treatment industry. The bottom line is that there is no single therapeutic approach to recovery that works for everyone… until now.  

Miss Fortune can clearly hear the sound of Per Wickstrom rubbing his dry, meaty hands together as he dreams of the dollars he hopes to extract from our nation's veterans.

Where in the world is Sarah Palin when you need her?

Oh well, enjoy yet another lurid infographic, courtesy of Traverse City's own Active Internet Marketing.

Never heard of them? Just look them up in the Yellow Pages under "I sold my soul to the devil".  

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