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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Liko Smith A Deadbeat Dad! Miss Fortune Found The Clark County, NV Records That Prove It

Looks like Liko Smith, shown at left, has another number to worry about--and it's plastered on his forehead.

Smith, who claims to have hung the moon and stars, is currently ducking his financial responsibility to his former wife and young son.

Clark County, Nevada, court records show that Smith owes at least $79,300 to former wife Rachelle Basso for the support of their son.

And that's not the only financial eff-up Liko's encountered recently.

In March, Liko was evicted from a condo he was renting at 1999 Pin Oak Avenue in Las Vegas. Maybe he can claim the rent was too damn high.

So tell me again how this bozo can put together the multi-million dollar revival of Sugar Loaf when he can't pay his rent or child support?

Miss Fortune is waiting, Liko.

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