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Since many of you had read the earlier South Africa music festival posts and wondered what the hell all the knicker twisting was about, your girl Miss Fortune has decided to go back to the beginning

It all started on a dark and stormy night...not really

According to pictures posted to El Davo The Hunted's Facebook page on April 11, 2013, three men above appear to be having a conversation.

Got it? Good, let's move on.

The man on the left is Greg Stevens, reportedly from South Africa. And the guy in the middle, posing pensively for the camera, is a known "business associate" of Hunter's who previously worked as a model agent and drink slinger.

Hunter maintains on various Facebook postings that the man on the right rocking the old-school style Adidas track suit is entertainer Ray J.

You be the judge, Judy. I'm more of a Kanye girl myself.

The "Real" Ray J

Again, Hunter maintains the man on the left in the photo above is Ray J.

In the picture above, dated April 14th, although Hunter looks like a peculiar stranger who just ambled up to a family picnic looking to schnoor a lunch, he says he's with "Ray J" again.

Hunter states on his Facebook page that Ray J is "one of our new business partners. We just launched a new project with him, JoJo, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and some others."

A Facebook friend gushes admiringly, and says, "Wow....Awesome! Good for you!"

A few minutes later, Hunter responds, and tells his friend, "Thank you. We are putting together a major music festival in Capetown (sic) South Africa. It will take place during the first week of December this year. We are putting together the line up as we speak."

Hunter's friend continues to gush, and asks that he "hook an old friend up" with tickets and VIP treatment.

As Hunter continues his conversation with his friend, prattling on about "chartering and (sic) entire plane to take most of the tallent (sic) and crew, so if you get to LA you could ride along."

Clearly, Hunter's never seen "The Buddy Holly Story", the staggeringly great movie Gary Busey made before he went completely and totally apeshit crazy. 

The "tallent" never flies together, and especially with the crew!

And Hunter's friend apparently never watched Busey as Buddy either, and she says "let's do it."

Hunter wraps up the conversation with more South African dreaming, telling his friend that "Capetown (sic) is epic. My partners family owns like 60% of the site located on white sandy beaches."

Even if his friend does make it to South Africa, David Hunter won't be there--he doesn't have a valid United States passport. Hunter's most recent request for renewal was denied because he's behind in his child support payments.

Shortly after those posts appeared, Miss Fortune began receiving a series of emails from someone calling himself 
"J. R.". Miss Fortune assumed the emails came from David Lee Hunter, and a selection of the email conversation is reproduced below.  
From: Cell Block Inc <cellblockinc@gmail.com>
To: tcmissfortune@yahoo.com
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 8:50 PM
Subject: David Hunter
Hello who ever you are,

I just read your blog while doing due dillegence [sic] for a music festival. What can you tell me? We met the owner of the land in South Africa personally through Hunter. So you believe the man we met is in on a scam with Hunter?

In his email, J. R. first raises the possibility that the "music festival" may be a scam.

Miss Fortune's response to this first email follows:

From: Miss Fortune <tcmissfortune@yahoo.com>
To: Cell Block Inc <cellblockinc@gmail.com>
Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2013 7:39 AM
Subject: Re: David Hunter

Thank you for getting in touch. If you could let me know where you met Hunter--(US, South Africa?), exactly where in South Africa the land is, and anything else you'd like to share--it would be helpful.

Because I write under an assumed name, I protect my sources the same way.

So I need to make sure I'm actually communicating with a potential Hunter business partner and not David Hunter himself.

I will be happy to let you know more of what I know.

Miss Fortune

So far, so good. For the sake of not boring her readers to tears, Miss Fortune has skipped some of the back and forth (most of which was already posted and available on the blog) and jumped ahead to a couple of the more unusual emails received from "J. R." 

Now, he's saying he represents some of the artists who are scheduled to perform in "Capetown", the same misspelling Hunter used in his Facebook posts.

Miss Fortune is starting to think her hunch was right--J. R. may be David Lee Hunter. 
From: Cell Block Inc <cellblockinc@gmail.com>
To: Miss Fortune <tcmissfortune@yahoo.com>
Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2013 3:09 PM
Subject: Re: David Hunter

Hello Ms. Fortune,

I met him through a mutual business colleague. I represent some of the artists who are scheduled to perform in Capetown. I have gone back and read through your blogs about Hunter. My interests are to protect my artists but I am not prepared to release my name just yet. You wrote in one of your articles that Hunter was captured on April 11th when in fact he was in our office all day on the 11th. We were in meetings prior to that and after so where did you get this information from? If you could clear that up for me, I will do better then giving you my name I will also give you my number so we can talk.



Here's yet another email from J. R.--you'll notice now he's claiming to represent Ray J. 

And the credulity-stretching claims come fast and furious--had to get that Vin Diesel reference in thereAgain, J. R. questions whether the "music festival" is a scam.

Did you know David Hunter helped "J. R." fund a reality show?
From: Cell Block Inc <cellblockinc@gmail.com>
To: Miss Fortune <tcmissfortune@yahoo.com>
Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2013 6:20 PM
Subject: Re: David Hunter

Hello Miss Fortune,

I actually represent Ray J. There is no tour. Just one weekend which Hunter brokered. We are not involved with Hunter past that. We are now in direct contact with the owner of the festival in SA not Hunter. Hunter helped fund a reality show for us and in return we put together about 50% of the main talent for the event. We were actually suppose to meet with Hunter today to pay him a significant amount of money for his services. We put him off until tomorrow because this came up. Greg the festival owner from South Africa is from one of the richest families in Africa. I doubt he will be scaming [sic] us. Hunter is due to make 7 figures tomorrow unless you can provide me some proof that Greg is in on some scam with Hunter. Please let me know anything because our legal team finds Greg to highly check out.


Here's the first email sent to Miss Fortune by Shay Hutchison, a Charlevoix native and self-described "potential business partner" of David Hunter. Miss Fortune is reproducing the email in its entirety, since it was sent directly to her.

From: SH <[REDACTED] @bluelabelgaming.com>
To: @yahoo.com; tcmissfortune@yahoo.com
[REDACTED] @blov.co.uk
Sent: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 11:17 AM
Subject: Fwd: draft- what do you think

It has come to my attention that you are the woman who has been publicly slandering a potential business partner of mine David Hunter.  I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Shay Hutchison and I have known David for years as I am from Charlevoix as well.  I am in no position to comment on any of the allegations against David except for the one's that directly involve me and that I was a witness too.

First off, I was with David Hunter on April 11, he was in fact not arrested I suggest an apology and a complete retraction of what was stated- I would look at getting new sources as well.  I have looked into your background (I worked for the largest publisher in SA, Independent Newspapers, Cape Times and Johannesburg Star) and surely with your background they would have told you that you need to confirm your sources stories- you can not publish something that is false, right in the middle of a business deal, that has in fact delayed the negotiations of the deal. 

Secondly, I am the local connection to the Cape Town music fest, and I was in the room while Dave and Ray J were negotiating terms.  And yes, 7 figures were mentioned.  From what I understand civil ligation is being discussed.  And Greg Stevens is in fact my business partner and from one of the richest families in Africa (google the last name Oppenheimer- and no Greg's last name is not Oppenheimer but he is an heir I am not going to explain it to you as I do not have too)

Our company has debated about whether to get involved in this back and forth, and came to the conclusion that you have become a major liability to our company. The problem is not that Dave was arrested for the ALLEGED rental scam (which potential partners would have found by googling him with the Record Eagle article etc) but it is small minded people like yourself getting involved in other peoples business.  When I was in school I was taught that in the United States you are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, it may be too late for you to understand however it might do you well to remember that.

As stated I have no comment nor ever will on the other accusations, however, you have lost all credibility by posting things falsely about the above matters. My advice would be a full retraction and apology on your blog- otherwise we will move this to the proper venue. If you would like to look into to me to see whether this is legitimate or not you may friend request me on Facebook, as mentioned my name is Shay Hutchison. It is abundantly clear that you have falsely made claims that our proposed music festival is a hoax, and the management of the artists have seen your blog. You will be held accountable for any damage your blog has caused to the event in Cape Town. Your blog has made false claims that has increased our attorney fees substantially with our current project. Any further postings that has any connection to our company will be met by the full extent of our legal team. Any past postings that are not removed will be met with the same result. Our lawyers here and Stateside will be monitoring your blog today to see if in fact you follow our request to remove content plus cease and desist. 

The company Hutchison refers to in the email--Blue Label Gaming--is run out of Greg Stevens' apartment

Riddle me this--if there are no genuine legal agreements or contracts between Hutchison and Hunter, then Hutchison may not have the proper legal "standing" required to file an action. And if there are agreements, why not share them with Miss Fortune?

Here's the follow-up email, with the overt threat helpfully highlighted: 

From: SH <[REDACTED] @bluelabelgaming.com> 
From: Shay Hutchison <shay@bluelabelgaming.com>
To: missfortune@yahoo.com
Sent: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 3:06 PM
Subject: To Confirm

I am not kidding of course it was a draft I needed to CEO to approve it and as you see below I have not my signature to COO I recently got promoted.  We are not messing around- we know where your sources are from and we coming after them as Well.  So far I know about Washington, New Jersey, Hawaii, Toronto Canada, Essexville among others.  My lawyers are tracing the IP's,  This will then implicate the people giving you the information.  This is not a joke.

So to recap, Hutchison is telling me to stop saying bad things about his dear friend and "potential business partner", David Lee Hunter.  It begs the question, dear readers--if Hunter is indeed the aggrieved party, why not undertake his own legal action?

Ever since I published my first story about David Lee Hunter on December 26, 2012, I have heard from people all over the world with contracts, investment proposals, emails, pictures, text messages and voice mails backing up the stories I've published.

Hunter recently emailed me his own rambling, disjointed "demand letter", insinuating that he will continue to harass and cyberstalk me unless I stop posting stories about his exploits. 

Miss Fortune invites David Lee Hunter, Shay Hutchison and anyone else directly involved in this "major music festival" to instruct their respective "attorney's" to contact her on their behalf.

In the meantime, here are a few of the questions I posed this afternoon in an email to Shay Hutchison. I will let you know if I receive any answers.

-When did David Hunter pitch this proposed festival to you?

-How much money have you and your partner already paid David Hunter?

-Who paid for the airline tickets, hotels, car rentals?

-Is there a United States entertainment attorney representing your interests with David Hunter?

-Where exactly in Cape Town is the location of the festival?

-Can a representative of the venue independently confirm that it is booked for a date in December 2013?

-What role does Matthew Theodore play in this project?

-Have you and/or Greg Stevens signed non-disclosure agreements with Hunter?

-Which artists have been formally signed to appear?

-Are there attorneys/managers for those acts willing to provide independent verification on their purported commitment to appear?

-Which charter air service will be providing round-trip transportation from Los Angeles to Cape Town?

-Has a reservation been made, with a deposit paid, to a charter service?

-What is the URL for the festival, and when will the social media promotion/marketing begin?



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