Monday, May 13, 2013


In a barely literate threat/rant (maybe I should call it a "thrant"), fugitive scammer David Hunter speaks to the pseudonym he believes is the writer of this blog, Miss Fortune.

Hunter, as you may remember, is the man who has pretended to be an Executive Producer of the new Marvin Gaye biopic, the owner of the exclusive Kalihi Kai Vista (on Kauai's North Shore), and the "Silent Co-Founder & Managing Partner" of Select Hawaiian Hideaways (SHHHHH!). The man may have taken--scammed, fleeced, stolen--millions. And it appears he just spent the week glistening and quivering under the covers in his mother's Charlevoix home. 

Who sack? You sack!

Miss Fortune is more than just one person writing a blog--she is every brave person who has shared their story. As more and more people come forward with David Hunter's schemes and scams, the closer he gets to being captured, tried, convicted and jailed.  

Miss Fortune will not allow this mass movement for justice to be derailed by one chicken-legged con man!

If you would like to sue 'Miss Fortune' for 'slander' (even though slander is spoken), just have your attorney from the law firm Dewey, Cheatem and Howe send an email to: tcmissfortune@yahoo.com

Here's the real "Charlevoix Shady"! 

I see you have continued to have no life but mine. The least you can say is thank you since your life is so pathetic minus me in it. It is like a close family member said to me today, "Well she obviously has a lot of time on her hands."

So even though many tell me not to comment and just let you punch yourself out, I can't resist this time.


You have until you finish your cheap cup of coffee Monday morning to take down your entire blog down. If it is still there when I wake up, EVERYONE you have slandered and recklessly hurt will be suing you. No not me, everyone but me. After posting photos of my daughter you actually have the gall to post more?

You will most likely redact your name because you are the one who is scared. If you do redact it no problem. It will be all over the web tomorrow anyways. I actually do not expect you to pull this blog down because it is all you have.

I was wrong however. I thought you were someone else initially. It makes sense though because nobody in their right mind that knows me would EVER attack my family, children, friends or business partners to get to me. You are a very sick person that needs my help. I am gladdly about to offer you a hand...I mean a finger up. You will never write another article in the Record Eagle again let alone any newspaper. The only thing you can do now is stay away from those that will be serving you papers. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont prove me wrong. Your final take down will be much more entertaining to watch if you are firing shots all the way to your end. My local friends in your area will be sad to see you go. When I was in TC and Charlevoix for the last week many shared their love for following your blog. Your like a circus clown that fucked with the wrong family ;)


  1. *anyway *gladly *don't *You're

    I believe many are telling David not to comment as he's digging his own grave. He, with his poor spelling, abysmal grammar, and nonsensical rationales, is definitely one that should insist on his right to remain silent.

    Hang in there, Miss Fortune, I trust you know where the legal line is drawn and how not to cross it. David Hunter, on the other hand, ha! He crossed that line so long ago, he can't even see it.

  2. I haven't really been following this story very much but interestingly enough I was approached while downtown TC last week by law enforcement looking for this guy, said they had reports of him in the area it was Tuesday or Wednesday...they made it quite clear there is still an arrest warrant for him, why he would show up here is beyond me....so I Googled his name and found this blog and the above article that was in the paper....

  3. Yes joking aside, this man has fucked over my family, his own daughters and thousands of people. He talks as if his daughter is so sacred to him, but I know his daughter's mother and she can prove he is nothing but a deadbeat who has contributed NOTHING to her life or well being. He only cares about himself and what he can get from his next victim. It is only a matter of time until this douche is where he belongs.

  4. Thanks for the laugh today David, my sides are hurting from.laughing so much. You are sounding like an even bigger douche than I thought u were

  5. I think the ONLY one that has recklessly hurt people is YOU. Look in the mirror buddy, I,m amazed you can sleep soundly at night.

  6. Hmmmm it's still up, has he slept in?

  7. Wow how sad, he as quite a path of destruction...I guess I am wondering why the victims haven't kept this alive more in the mainstream media....I know this article was in the Northern Express, but he is from Charlevoix, why not go to their paper? I am sure there are plenty of good Samaritans in Charlevoix that can help out. He was home recently so maybe he would have been apprehended. What happened in Traverse City shows his criminal intent and it sounds like it's his hobby, with many victims. I am sure any newspaper would love a story like this....

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  9. Wow, reading between his lines you have this guy quaking in his boots. He is really terrified of you. Keep up the good fight.